Wild Mushroom Gathering - Level II

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August 10-12, 2015 | 9am-4pm

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Vermont Tech - Randolph Center Campus

Field trips will be taken off campus but will depart and return from Randolph Center each day.


The basic course cost is $250.

There is the option to take this course for academic credit with an additional fee of $100. Lodging is available on campus at a very competitive rate. Please inquire about options when you register.

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(Successful completion of Wild Mushroom Gathering - Level I is required)

This class is a stand alone class or, in combination with successful completion of Level I, qualifies the student for advanced testing for the Wild Food Gatherers Guild Certification - Level II.

This course will expand the Wild Mushroom Gatherer - Level I course work and the most common mushrooms found in Vermont. Harvesting, handling, preparation, marketing as well as State and federal regulations will be covered in depth. There is an outdoor collecting component to this course. Upon completion, students may elect to be tested for skill level on individual mushrooms for safe home use and/or resale.

Successful completion of all course work and a score of 100% on examinations of all courses, students will be eligible for the Wild Food Gatherers Guild Certification. This is in anticipation of Revised 2013 FDA Food Codes. Students interested in natural resources, marketing and entrepreneurial practices, environmental impacts and sustainability will benefit from this course.