Sensory Evaluation & Cheesemaking Courses

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October 9-13, 9 AM-4 PM
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October 14, 9 AM- 4 PM
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Norwich Farm Creamery, 723 Turnpike Rd, Norwich, VT

Overnight accomodations are available at Norwich Farm. Contact Molly Willard at for more information.


Essential Principles of Cheese Making: $1,800.00

Sensory Evaluation: $175.00

Vermont Technical College offers Dairy Trainings around dairy production and value added products at our Norwich Farm Creamery, located in Norwich, VT.  We train people from around the world at our state of the art dairy processing facility.

The Norwich Creamery is home to the resident farmers and their herd. At Norwich Creamery, our milk is Grade A, Pasteurized, Non Homogenized, and Antibiotic Free. The cows are a Grass and Non GMO Grain Fed herd of Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Shorthorns, and Holsteins. Chris Gray and Laura Brown, entrepreneurs, whose private business focuses on producing value-added farmstead dairy products under the Norwich Farm Creamery brand: CREAMLINE. Chris Gray attended the University of Massachusetts at Darmouth where he was a Special Student in the Graduate Program of Craft Production. Chris has a certificate in Cultured Dairy Products from the University of Wisconsin. From the Institute of Vermont Artisan Cheese, Chris has a Certificate in Milk Chemistry and Basic Sensory Evaluation.

The Norwich Creamery and Vermont Tech Dairy Lab houses processing equipment able to produce a complete range of fresh and fermented dairy products. Here students in Vermont Tech’s Dairy Farm Management program do their coursework and engage in hands-on learning with the partner farmer and cheese maker. Vermont Tech’s Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems holds ongoing trainings at the Teaching Farm and Dairy Lab focusing on value-added agricultural practices.

This unique public-private partnership is realizing the potential of this valuable agricultural location, preserving the working landscape, and training the farmers of the future.

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 We offer yogurt and cheese making trainings thoughout the year. We currently have the following trainings open for registrations:


“One of the most exciting courses I’ve taken about cheesemaking. Science-based teaching gave the course substance and practical advice on making cheese. As a non-cheesemaker, it enhanced my knowledge and helped me to become a better judge and evaluator of cheeses.” - Lee Smith, Editor of the Cheese Connaiseur

This five-day training is a practical and comprehensive technical guide to cheese technology and the principles governing the quality of cheese. During this intensive, participants will learn the fundamentals of cheese making, quality control practices, and useful considerations in starting a small-scale cheese making business. The first section focuses on the chemistry of milk and the different aspects defining the quality of cheese making milk. The second part describes the principles of cheese making and the different families of cheese and also includes comprehensive hands-on demonstrations in making three different cheese styles: a fresh acid-coagulated soft cheese, a bloomy rind variety, and a semi-hard cheese. The last section of the training focuses on how to monitor and control the fundamental factors driving the quality of the product.

"Very clear and smart presenters, able to bring theoretical concepts to bear on real world situations. Their wealth of knowledge and experience on "everything cheese " was impressive
I will recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their  knowledge of cheese and get a better understanding of the sciences behind cheese and cheesemaking"
-Prospective Cheesemaker

"I appreciated the experience that Montse and Chris brought to this course, and how they could always explain things with great examples. Excellent content and excellent team!"

Fabulous course at a wonderful price. Definetively worth every penny!
-Cheesemaker student

"Incredible instructors.Their wealth of knowledge and experience was amazing and very useful for my cheese business!"
-New England cheesemaker


"Terrific course and terrific teacher!
Montse is someone really enjoyable to take a class with - lots of knowledge, good attitude and very open to questions"
-Cheese/Cheesemaking Student

One of the main factors driving consumer choice is the sensory quality of the final product. This one-day training will provide you with the fundamental tools to control and define the sensory quality of cheese, offering basic sensory training to describe and record the sensory characteristics of your cheese, as well as resourceful information and quality control systems to prevent defects in cheese. This intensive training combines practical hands-on exercises with technical lectures, making it very interesting and enjoyable but at the same time offering very valuable information to prevent making, selling or buying defective products. The training is also an unique opportunity to improve your food sensory skills and the understanding of cheese quality, from beginners and advanced cheese makers, marketing and sales representatives, to quality managers, technicians, cheese mongers, chefs, and everyone else that would like to explore the fascinating world of cheese. Cheese makers are welcome to bring samples of their products for evaluation to get practical feedback from Dr. Almena-Aliste

"Very informative and entertaining course. Montse is so knowledgeable and fielded a lot of questions with clear answers"
-Local Cheesemaker

"Lots of wonderful practical information. Montse is an outstanding teacher and very well educated in sensory and food evaluation. She is pleasure to learn from!
-International Food & Wine writer

"Seriously amazing stuff. LOVE IT!
We should have brought wine :)"
-Cheese Shop owner

Montse is very knowledgable and likable. I have learned so much from this that I couldn't have possibly gotten from a textbook.
-Cheesemaker and Food writer


This three-day training is a practical, comprehensive, and technical guide to yogurt production and the principles governing the fermentation of milk to make yogurt. Participants will learn the specific skills to produce yogurt including food safety issues, fermentation science, and hands-on methods of making yogurt. These include: milk biochemistry, inoculants, sweetening, packaging, and the economics of yogurt production. Participants will also learn about the regulations applicable to yogurt production and business models for yogurt production operations. Using common milk processing equipment to make yogurt, participants will be able to explain and apply fermentation science to the yogurt making process. The three day course combines classroom learning, hands on yogurt making, and visits to local yogurt production facilities, where participants can interact with entrepreneurs.

Participants will learn about commercial processing equipment and prepare yogurt in bench top incubators, which they can take home for further experimentation.