Sausage and Smoking (spring)

Master Certificate Program: 
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New Dates: May 20 and 21st ; 9AM- 4PM



Mad River Food Hub, Waitsfiled, VT


$375.00 and meat to bring home!


This training will cover the two primary methods of producing meat value-added products: sausage making and smoking. On day one, participants will learn how to fabricate primals for production, trim for sausage, grind, and stuff.  On day two, participants will learn how to brine, dry-cure, and smoke bacon, hams, pastrami, and sausages.  This training will place an emphasis on maximizing the utilization of an animal, and how to add the most possible value while also producing a delicious product.

Day 1: Sausage: Intro, pork butchery demo, sausage grinding and stuffing
Day 2: Smoking: Pork fabrication demo, brining, dry curing, and smoking

Participants will be bringing meat home with them each day!!!