Greenhouse Integrated Pest Management Certificate & Commercial Applicator License

Registration Information: 

Dates:  April 10th, 11th and 12th, 2019;  9 AM - 4 PM



Randolph Campus, Randolph Center


$425.00 (all 3 days)

$300 (IPM days, 10th and 11th)

$150 (Applicator License day, 12th)

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Do you face persistent challenges in your greenhouse with powdery mildew? Thrips? Aphids? Root pathogens? Are you interested in using biological control but unsure how to integrate materials into your existing routine? Are you already using biologicals but unsure how to measure their effectiveness? Do you need to apply pesticides safely and effectively?

Days 1-2: This Greenhouse IPM certificate course will give participants the tools they need to develop their own Integrated Pest Management plan.  Through case studies and hands on activities, this course will explore the cornerstones of a good IPM program: sanitation, cultural management, record keeping, scouting, pest/disease ID and sustainable control measures. Emphasis will be placed on effective diagnosis and biological controls using live examples of pests, diseases and beneficial insects. Best management practices that support IPM will be highlighted culminating in an IPM plan development workshop that responds to participant’s unique growing environments and challenges.

On Day 3 participants can acquire their Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification. Commercial Applicators are people that apply pesticides to the lands or homes of others are commercial applicators, and must be certified to do that work. This includes organic applications. Examples are employees of companies that apply pesticides in the course of performing (but not limited to) the following services:  pest control, mosquito control, landscape, lawn care, tree care, agricultural custom application, forestry services (including invasive plant management), vegetation control, aquatic weed control, wood preservation, aerial application, etc.

To become a Certified Commercial Applicator you will need to take and pass the appropriate exams administered by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, and pay the appropriate fees. On Day 3 we will Review the CORE manual using powerpoint presentation, while allowing for Q&A. The exam given will be the commercial CORE exam, which is 100 questions from the manual and VT Pesticide Regulations.  That exam may be used to apply for a Private Applicator certification immediately, or to apply for a Commercial or Non-commercial Applicator Certification once the requisite category exam has been completed and employer licensing is documented.