Grape Science

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December 1-3, 2015 | 9am-4pm

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Vermont Technical College - Randolph Center, VT Campus.

Field trips will be taken off campus but will depart and return from Randolph Center each day.


The basic course cost is $350.

Lodging is available on campus for an additional fee at a very competitive rate. Please inquire about options when you register.

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Grape Science is the fall course in the Cold Climate Viticulture Series and will cover grape chemistry, harvesting, and basic wine processing.

The comprehensive four-session viticulture and enology program includes topics in vineyard establishment and management, grape and wine chemistry, and basic wine processing. The individual courses are designed to help growers with little or no previous grape-growing experience. Each session will provide seasonal skills needed to operate and manage a vineyard, and basic wine-making techniques. Hands-on experience in a vineyard, laboratory, and winery will be included.