CBD & Greenhouse Cash Crop Certificate

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Questions, please contact Molly Willard at molly.willard@vtc.edu or (802) 535-5315. 


Vermont Technical College

Randolph Center, VT  9AM- 4PM




This training series will introduce participants to common techniques for the production of hemp, and CBD, as well as a basic understanding of the chemistry and current regulations as they relate to Cannabis cultivation.  Hands on activities and fieldtrips will build on didactic lectures.

This comprehensive training is a 3 part series that will include: 1.) Chemistry of CBD production, 2.) Laws pertaining to CBD production, 3.) Cultivation methods for CBD and other greenhouse cash crops, 4.) Hydroponics use for greenhouse cash crops.

Part 1- September 12th-14th, 2019: Lecture: History, State and Fed Regulation, Physiology, Chemistry, Products, and Propagation Techniques.
One Day Site Visit: Hemp/CBD Production

Part 2- October 3rd-5th, 2019: Lecture: Field cultivation: soils, fertility, planting, harvest, pest and disease ID, Greenhouse and indoor: media, crop timing, lighting, fertigation, and pruning. 
One Day site visit: Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Part 3- October 17th-19th, 2019- : Soil fertility and cover cropping, Harvest, drying and field cleanup