Art & Science of Natural Dyeing

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January 22-23, 2016 | 9am-4pm

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Vermont Tech - Randolph Center, VT


 $200. + $20 materials fee to be paid to the instructor on first day of the course.


Two day intensive natural dye class using dried plant material (flowers and roots), dried natural indigo powder (leaves are not available at this time of year), and cochineal bugs.  The flowers, roots and indigo can all be grown in Vermont and New England.  The cochineal bugs come from a farmers’ cooperative in Peru and greatly expands the color palette.  Sampling will be done on a wool/mohair blend yarn with fiber grown and processed in Vermont.

We will begin with a short discussion of dye theory as it applies to both chemical and natural dyes.  We begin the hands on work extracting color from the plants and bugs and creating a natural indigo fermentation vat.  For this class we will do color gradation series using 5 dyes to produce a full range of colors.  Students will produce approximately 75 – 100 color samples. Please note, these dye material have been selected for their color and light fastness.  Each student will receive a comprehensive dye notebook with workshop instructions as well as notes for working on their own yarns, fiber or fabric.   Included in the notebook will be a set of dye samples produced in class.