CCV Direct Admissions

Vermont Tech is excited to collaborate with the Community College of Vermont on the new Direct Admissions initiative.   Many of our best students and alumni start at CCV.   This new partnership will help to further streamline the transfer from CCV to Vermont Tech.  We look forward to having you join us at Vermont Tech after the completion of your CCV degree.

Additional Benefits for Vermont Tech Direct Admission students

  • Free housing at the Randolph Campus for all CCV students who enroll under the Direct Admission program
  • Early access to Vermont Tech advising
  • The opportunity to take a Vermont Tech courses while enrolled at CCV (at no extra cost) to make sure the degree is right for you
  • Personal invites to visit Vermont Tech, allowing you to experience what a Vermont Tech degree has to offer

At this time, Direct Admissions to Vermont Tech is available to CCV students for all the majors listed below:

Vermont Tech also welcomes transfer applicants to all programs not included in the list above through their standard admissions process for transfer applicants. For more information, visit our Admissions application page for transfer students. As a CCV student, we would be happy to waive your application fee for you.  Simply contact our transfer coordinator, Shawn McElwain, to request an application waiver code.

Questions? Visit our contact us form or contact:

Shawn McElwain
Assistant Director of Admissions/Transfer Coordinator
(802) 879-2368