Try a Major Day: Program Offerings (Randolph Center)

The following majors are the tentative offering program-specific activities during Try a Major Day on May 3, 2019 at the Randolph Center Campus.

Agribusiness Management, Diversified Agriculture, Dairy Farm Management Technology & Forestry

Cows, sheep, goats and other farmhouse animals! Please join us at Vermont Tech’s working dairy with our farm animals, plants and people for a morning of fun and “hands-on” agricultural work study experience.

Architectural Engineering Technology
Get a start on the path to becoming a building expert! The Architectural Engineering Technology is  ALL ABOUT BUILDINGS. Come learn about the program that teaches you everything about buildings: how they are designed; what makes them stand up and the materials to use; how to heat and cool them; how to provide them with energy and light; and how they are constructed. Get up close and personal with the program and try a fun hands-on building exercise.
Automotive Technology
Interested in cars, truck and engines – how to repair, diagnose and install parts and equipment? Visit our full service automotive tech garage where you’ll get some hands on exposure to working on vehicles alongside some of our students.
Business Technology/Management/Entrepreneurship
Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Start your own company? Wondered how to take an idea and turn it into a business opportunity? Get insights into how you can be an entrepreneur, business manager, and small business owner. Try your hand at creatively developing a new product or service idea.
Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology
Have an interest in building roads, bridges or retaining walls; creating and reading site plans; surveying; slowing erosion or designing waste-water systems? Like to break concrete, dig in the dirt, or try playing with a rain simulation table? Come visit our labs, interact and participate in one or more of our projects along with some of our current students.
Computer & Information Systems
Have you ever wondered how your personal information is kept safe from prying eyes online? In this class we'll give you an introduction to how encryption works, show you what happens when your data is encrypted, and what can happen when it isn't!
Construction Management
Are you interested in managing a construction process? Participants will construct a small bridge, and test bridge designs with analytical software.  Explore careers in construction management; meet the faculty and current students.
Diesel Power Technology
We’ve got the power! Join our Diesel Power Technology program while we create and operate hydraulic circuits on our trainers and bring a 1 ½ ton, 900 cubic inch, 500 horsepower Caterpillar engine to its knees by using a lap-top PC to make the engine run on two cylinders . Also, check out the student-built Diesel engines and other equipment in the huge lab!
Electrical & Electromechanical Engineering Technology
Students will have the opportunity to interact with instructors, to ‘breadboard’ (build) an interesting circuit, and use some of the laboratory test equipment. Following that there will be an opportunity to play with LabVIEW, a graphical program language for computers. There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers.
Landscape Contracting
Designing greenhouses, nurseries and landscapes for houses and communities are all part of the LDSH program. Try your hand at using architectural drafting tools to learn how landscape design plans are created; use magnification, sticky cards and live insects to meet the new defenders of our greenhouses - beneficial insects; and mimic nature’s process by treating and planting a tree seed for germination at home.
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Do you like to build things? Are you interested in machines, design, materials, and product development? Come visit Vermont Tech to explore the world of mechanical and manufacturing engineering.  Experience how things are designed and manufactured, how materials are strength tested, and how parts are fabricated into products.
Nursing is a discipline and a profession, a science and an art grounded in caring.  Join us and experience our nursing simulation lab; learn how our students experience life-like medical situations without endangering patients.  Current students and faculty will be available to answer questions about our program. 
Renewable Energy
Solar, wind, and biomass! Renewable energy is an exciting and growing field.  Come to Vermont Tech and learn about a program that prepares you with technical skills to make a difference in the move towards sustainability.  Experience how different renewable energy systems work and visit the on-campus solar array and biodigester.
Veterinary Technology
Interested in forming an important link between animals and their veterinarian? Check out our Veterinarian Technology program, our labs, surgical facilities and working farm where courses are taught on a practical “hands-on” level with the intent for students to become competent veterinary technicians.