Work Study

Federal Work Study is an employment program funded by the federal government. The program allows students to earn money to help with the costs of attending Vermont Tech. The jobs are on-campus or at certain off-campus, non-profit organizations which contract with the College.    

Federal Work Study is awarded to students with financial need as part of the financial aid award letter. Students are eligible to earn wages up to the amount listed on the award letter. The amount of each student's award varies, up to a maximum award of $3,000, based on financial need and availability of funds. On average, students work 8-10 hours a week. Students are paid an hourly rate and receive paychecks every two weeks for the hours worked. Eligibility for the program is reviewed annually.

This funding does NOT credit the student's bill, so it should not be counted towards paying the bill when determining the balance due after financial aid. The earnings are paid directly to the student based on hours worked.

Students are responsible for researching the jobs and finding employment. Vermont Tech does not place students into jobs and cannot guarantee that every student who receives an offer of Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid will find a job. It is the student's responsibility to actively search and apply for open positions. Vermont Tech emphasizes career preparation, and the employment experience is valued by faculty, staff, and students.  Teaching students to search for and secure a Federal Work Study job can be an important step towards career success.

Students interested in community service placement should contact the Financial Aid Office and will be given priority for work study funds.  Positions include off-campus, non-profit organizations in a range of settings such as education, senior services, health care, America Reads, and Math Counts.

Job Fair

The Financial Aid Office sponsors a Job Fair in late August. Students looking for jobs are encouraged to attend. This gives students an opportunity to meet supervisors, find out what specific jobs entail, and complete a work study contract.  Information on the Job Fair will be distributed by the Financial Aid Office in early August.  

Student Employment Process

Before students can receive a paycheck there are three required forms that have to be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office. The student first needs to complete the W-4, I-9, and Employment Application Form

Once the student submits the W-4, I-9, and Employment Application, they will receive their Work Study Contract from the Financial Aid Office.  The student would then complete their Work Study Contract with their supervisor and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Federal Work Study Forms

The Work Study Contract outlines the conditions that the student must meet in order to be employed under the Federal Work Study program.  It also identifies each student as a participant in Vermont Tech’s work study program.  The student will be responsible for returning the completed contract to the Financial Aid Office.  Work cannot begin until the contract is completed.

The W-4 Form must be kept on file with the payroll department, since it lists the allowances, which will be used as deductions from the student’s weekly earnings.

U.S. immigration laws require that all new employees complete an I-9 Form within three days of the date of hire.  The required documentation must be reviewed and verified before the student can begin work.  The student will need two forms of identification to complete this form, preferably a driver’s license and social security card.

Timesheets and Payment

All timesheets must be submitted electronically through the Web Time Entry System via WebServices every other Wednesday according to the payroll schedule.  Direct deposit of your payroll check is available by completing and submitting the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the Business Office.  If direct deposit is not initiated, payroll checks are automatically mailed home to your permanent address.  To receive checks at your campus address a Payroll Address Form must be completed and submitted to the Business Office.  We recognize that a deadline date might be missed once in awhile. However, if we do not receive a time sheet after a month has lapsed, we will assume that you are not working and funds awarded may be reassigned. It is against regulation to hold time sheets for payment beyond the immediate payroll date. Once an award has been cancelled, it cannot be reinstated to honor late time sheets.

Pay Rates

Pay rates may be changed in the event that the minimum wage is adjusted.  A pay rate and supervisor contact list is available from the Financial Aid Office with current hourly rates.