Out-of-State Scholarships & Programs

In addition to our Presidential Scholarship, which is available only to out-of-state students, Vermont Tech extends tuition discounts to out-of-state students as part of our Good Neighbor policy and participation in the New England Board of Education's Regional Student Program (RSP).  

Students who qualify are only eligible for either the Presidential Scholarship or a tuition discount, they cannot receive both.

Presidential Scholarship

The Vermont Tech Presidential Scholarship is a merit-based award specifically for out-of-state students. The scholarship amount is based on the student's high school GPA. To be eligible, the student must be first-time/first-year and enrolled full-time. The scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years when student maintains a cumulative 2.5 GPA.   

Good Neighbor (GN) Policy

Reduced tuition rates are available to residents of the following counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York.  Contact the Admissions Office for questions regarding your eligibility.

  • MA Counties: Berkshire, Franklin
  • NH Counties: Chesire, Coos, Grafton, Sullivan
  • NY: Clinton, Essex, Rensselaer, Washington

Regional Student Program (RSP) Approved Programs

Vermont Tech participates in the RSP through New England Board of Higher Education. The RSP allows eligible students from other New England states to pay 150% of Vermont's in-state tuition instead of a full out-of-state tuition.  Under the RSP, a student's eligibility varies based on their desired program.  For example, if a student's home state offers a similar program, they are ineligible for the RSP unless their legal residence is closer to Vermont Tech than to the location of their home state's program.  For details about your RSP eligibility, contact the Admissions Office.  Click here to see a listing of which states and programs apply.