Vermont Academy of Science & Technology (VAST)

Your last year of high school could be your first year of college...tuition free! 

VAST application deadline: August 1

If you're a motivated high school student ready to experience an early college program in a safe and secure setting, consider VAST: The Vermont Academy of Science and Technology. VAST is an independent, accredited high school exclusively for high school seniors. At VAST, students receive a high school diploma and complete a year of college at the same time.

VAST students may attend either the Williston or Randolph Center campus as a commuter student. They also have the option to reside in the first-year student residence hall, on the VAST wing, with another VAST student as a roommate.

Frequently asked questions

Who's Eligible?

  • Any 11th grade student is eligible to apply to either the Randolph Center main campus or the Williston campus. Students come from all areas of Vermont and from surrounding states as well.
  • VAST students are ineligible to select certain majors including Practical Nursing, Radiologic Science and Veterinary Technology due to age and clinical requirements.  We are happy to work with VAST students to ensure they take appropriate coursework to prepare them for entry into one of these majors for their second year.  Admission is not guaranteed.


  • VAST has been approved as a tuition-free program for Vermont students by the Vermont State Legislature since 1988. Students are expected to cover the cost of books and any applicable fees.
  • Students who stay at Vermont Tech beyond their VAST year are automatically awarded the “VAST-forward Scholarship” of $2,000 a year for up to three years.

During the VAST Year:

  • Every VAST student takes a minimum of 15 Vermont Tech credits each semester
  • VAST students may major in many of Vermont Tech's associate or bachelor’s degree programs. At the end of VAST, students automatically become a sophomore at Vermont Tech, having completed their first year of their degree, tuition-free
  • Students may enter as an “Undeclared” student who takes an English, math, science and two electives each semester.
  • Students may continue to work with their sending school to receive a second high school diploma as well as the highly regarded VAST diploma.

Admission Requirements:

  • Completed Vermont Tech Application or Common Application
  • Personal statement discussing: 
              Why are you applying to the academy?
              What are your academic and career goals?
              How do you think attending the academy will assist you to reach these goals?
              What can you contribute to the Vermont Tech community?
  • PSAT, SAT or ACT scores
  • Accuplacer Placement Test
  • 2 academic letters of recommendation (one letter must be from a school counselor or principal if attending a public or private school)

After the admission requirements are completed, both parents and students attend an information and interview session.

Students who excel in the VAST program typically:

  • Have completed most of the upper-level courses offered at their high school
  • Are ready to move ahead with their life path and are emotionally mature enough to start college a year early
  • Have been home-schooled and want to obtain a high school diploma while earning 30+ college credits
  • Are looking for a program that includes a peer group that is as passionate about learning as they are
  • Are academically curious and enjoy a challenge
  • Have a passion for math and science

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