Simulation Services

Vermont Tech's Nursing Department received a federal grant in 2010 to invest in high fidelity simulation equipment. The equipment and training were purchased with the goal of enhancing education for Nursing students across the state at Vermont Tech's multiple locations.

Over the course of the following two years, Vermont Tech created six simulation labs, providing students with access to this learning technology within an hour's drive of their program base location. Labs were created on Vermont Tech's four stand-alone campuses. Vermont Tech partnered with community organizations to create an additional two labs to reach more students around the state. IN 2012, Vermont Tech Nursing won an international award for Educator Innovator from the Human Patient Simulator Network. Today, Vermont Tech has six simulation labs that are accessed by hundreds of nursing students as well as students from other allied health programs: Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy and Paramedicine. These simulation labs have also been utilized by practicing healthcare providers as part of their continued professional development.

Today, simulation has expanded at Vermont Tech to include offering staff development services for organizations. These services have included conferences and customized staff development events using our campus based labs. Vermont Tech has also partnered with a national level organization to participate in simulation research.


  • Lab Design
  • Conference creation to meet an organization's staff development needs

Staff Development

Equipment Capibilities

  • High Fidelity Simulators
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Simulation Options

  • In Situ — at your organization — we can come to you
  • At our labs located in Williston, Randolph, Bennington, or Brattleboro


  • Your location or ours (Williston, Randolph, Bennington, Brattleboro)

Work with your content experts or design something with ours. We can combine simulation with other opportunities — such as working with CEWD to create conferences specifically designed to meet organizational needs — such as conflict resolution training and application of newly-acquired skills using simulation scenario.