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  • Location: Williston Campus, Randolph Center Campus
  • Credit Requirements:

A student who has met acceptance requirements but hasn't decided on a specific program of study may be admitted to the college with an undeclared status in either the fall or spring term. The student who might be interested in this program is one who's uncertain about a major, wants to begin college mid-year, wants a lighter credit load, wants a slower pace, or has other plans for subsequent terms. A student who matriculates as undeclared is expected to select a degree program by the end of their second term. When ready to declare, the student applies for a change of program during Registration. Acceptance into a degree program is contingent upon space availability and department approval. Capped programs are handled through Admissions. Once in the program, the student must meet all the requirements of that program for graduation.

Enrollment as undeclared is based on placement, student desire, and class availability. Undeclared status increases the time it takes to complete a degree. No student is eligible to graduate as undeclared and don't have scheduling priority over degree-seeking students.

A minimum of 12 credits are required for full-time status and on-campus residency. Subsequent terms may be scheduled as necessary.

The student, in conjunction with their advisor, may develop a sequence of courses to best meet their background and needs that still satisfies any program requirements. A typical curriculum is shown here.

  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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