General Engineering Technology

Graduates of this program are generally already employed by a variety of companies and industries seeking workforce development opportunities. The program is designed to provide students with flexible, interdisciplinary educational opportunities, with a focus on technology and career-oriented coursework.

Administered by the college’s Continuing Education & Workforce Development office, GET degree programs are industry-sponsored and offered primarily at the facilities of sponsoring organizations. The curriculum consists of initial courses common to all GET degree programs, as well as a sequence of technology foundation and technical emphasis courses specific to the workforce education needs being served. These industry-specific technical courses are developed by a curriculum development team comprised of Vermont Tech faculty and representatives from the sponsoring organizations. The goal is to offer students the basic engineering concepts and specific job-related skills needed to excel in their current positions and prepare for career growth.

General Education

ELE 2XXX AH elective 3
ELE 2XXX SS elective 3
ENG 1061 English Composition 3
ENG 2080 Technical Communication 3
MAT XXXX Mathematics elective 3-5
SCI XXXX Science elective 4

Foundation Courses
These courses provide a general educational foundation appropriate to the particular technical emphasis. Foundation courses should satisfy the following requirements and cannot be used to satisfy a general education or technical emphasis course requirement:

CIS XXXX Computer elective 3
CIS XXXX Computer elective 3
MAT/SCI XXXX Advanced math/science elective 3-5
XXX XXXX Communications elective 3
XXX XXXX Communications elective 3
XXX XXXX Technical elective 3

Technical Emphasis Courses
A combination of technical courses based on the degree emphasis are required. These courses must have the following characteristics:

  • Most have lab or hands-on components; these experiences build troubleshooting and problem-solving skills as well as provide exposure to the course topics
  • At least one multi-course sequence is included; the program should not contain only introductory courses. Typically, there are 1000-level courses followed by 2000-level courses which lead to more advanced issues. Prerequisites are established and reinforced
  • There is a capstone experience (typically a senior project course) which requires students to call upon the comprehensive skills/knowledge gained in the program
  • All courses integrate theoretical topics with practical skills
  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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