Entrepreneurship (BS)

Do you want to be your own boss? We want to help you convert your ideas or technical skills into a business enterprise of your own. More people than ever want to work for themselves. Our Entrepreneurship program will make sure you’re prepared to be your own boss, and manage others as well. The curriculum is designed to help you prepare for the financial, legal, and social opportunities that come with starting and growing your own business.

Our Bachelor’s program gives you more experience and hands-on learning, building on the associate degree.

Vermont Tech’s Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to help the emerging entrepreneur harness unique opportunities, ignite change, and build a successful business. You will learn about transforming ideas into enterprises that add value to the customers and the owner. You will be trained in the skills needed to innovate, create, and develop business plans, raise capital, and manage a small business and its employees.

A student with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship will be able to:

  1. Determine the key characteristics and terminology of the business disciplines of management, human resources, marketing, innovation, and finance and integrate these disciplines to develop and affect corporate strategies and plans
  2. Explain the accounting cycle, process typical transactions; interpret financial statements; prepare budgets; forecast and evaluate risk; and apply financial information to broad-based business decision making
  3. Lead and participate in teams; maintain respectful and collaborative relationships; and contribute to effective group outcomes
  4. Use digital and analytical tools to design and create business documents and presentations to manage people and projects and to solve problems
  5. Develop marketing strategies to satisfy specific target audiences, create a marketing mix, and apply and integrate marketing concepts with other business disciplines to affect a business strategy
  6. Demonstrate qualitative and quantitative critical thinking skills to analyze current business situations and new ventures from legal, economical, social, and ethical perspectives and recommend appropriate actions
  7. Recommend and justify best practices in management, motivation, and leadership concepts to create and sustain a positive organizational culture in a global and diverse environment
  8. Develop detailed components of a comprehensive business plan in support of a new venture launch
  9. Participate in or assess an entrepreneurial venture
Minimum Degree Requirements

Bachelor degree students are subject to Vermont Tech’s minimum degree requirements. The minimum degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship are:

  • 6 credits of English including ENG 2080  Technical Communication
  • 3 credits of information technology CIS 1041  Computer Applications
  • 6 credits of mathematics including MAT 2121  Statistics
  • 7 credits of natural or physical science
  • 12 credits of arts/humanities or social science including 3 credits at the 3000+ level
  • 6 credits of other general education courses
  • 40 credits of general education requirements
  • 25 credits of electives
  • 49 credits from the core curriculum including:
    • ACC 1010  Computerized Accounting
    • ACC 1020  Survey of Accounting or ACC 2121  Financial Accounting
    • BUS 1010  Exploring Business & Entrepreneurship
    • BUS 2020  Principles of Management
    • BUS 2041  Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    • BUS 2210  Small Business Management
    • BUS 2230  Principles of Marketing
    • BUS 2270  Interpersonal & Oral Communication
    • BUS 2440  Introduction to Business Law
    • BUS  3041  Applied Entrepreneurship
    • BUS 3230  Principles of Financial Management
    • BUS 3250  Organizational Behavior & Management
    • BUS 3721  Business Planning Seminar
    • BUS 4080  Business Policy & Strategy Development
    • ECO 2060  Survey of Economics (Micro or Macro will substitute)
    • INT 1021  Creativity and Innovation
  • 6 credits from the following:
    • BUS 3150  Production & Operations Management
    • BUS 3410  Business Ethics
    • BUS 4310  Writing for Workplace Success
    • BUS 4530  Technical Project Management
  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

Careers in Entrepreneurship

Placement Rate
Vermont Tech

Vermont Tech data: 6 Month Outcome Survey, Class of 2018. National Data: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) First Destinations for the College Class of 2017 (December 2017)

Job projections







Number of established start-ups less than 1 year old. Source: Entrepreneurship and the U.S. Economy, 2015, BLS

Revenue Growth
Previous 6 Months

Entrepreneurs Predict Increased Profits. Source GEI, September 2018.

Businesses launched by Vermont Tech students or alumni
  • Bicycle Express VT Cuttin' It Close Landscaping
  • Filabot Misty Knoll Farm
  • Noodle Station/Swirl & Pearl

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