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Workforce projections show that nearly two-thirds of all jobs in the U.S. will require some postsecondary education and training by 2020. Demand for college-level certificates has grown to the point where certificates are second only to bachelor’s degrees in postsecondary awards. Nearly 1 million certificates are awarded each year. Certificates are ideal pathways to good jobs that can pave the way to further education while also making meaningful progress toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

At Vermont Tech, anyone seeking to rapidly enter an agriculture field with technical, hands-on skills can complete the Dairy Production & Processing Certificate. It is also an ideal gap-year experience to try out a working-lands career while making progress toward a degree.

The certificate requires all students to have previously earned a high school diploma or GED. The certificate focuses on the core knowledge and skills needed for dairy processing and production, so English, math, general science, and elective credits would need to be taken to complete a degree program.

The certificate program focuses on practical skills and offers an accelerated pathway to good jobs in the working-landscape industry. Completion of a certificate awards a student a credential valued by future employers and college applications after a gap-year experience.

Federal financial aid is available for the certificate to increase access to students with need.

Gainful Employment Data

A student earning the certificate in Dairy Production & Processing will be able to demonstrate the necessary skills for employment in dairy production and processing. This five-course certificate program consists of courses within the existing Agribusiness Management Technology and Dairy Farm Management associate degree programs.

  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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Vermont Tech is pleased to announce the donation of the Norwich Farm dairy farm to the college. The donation encompasses an approximately 350-acres, 40-tie stall operational dairy farm on Turnpike Road in Norwich , Vermont along with three residential buildings and multiple barns. The college... Read More

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Percent Job and Advanced Education Placement Rate in Dairy Production & Processing

Vermont Tech Dairy Production & Processing student outcomes are strong. The class of 2016 had a 100% job and advanced placement rate within six months of graduation. Many students have internships while they’re in college that lead to full-time employment after graduation.


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