Business Technology & Management +2 (BS)

Whether you want to own your own business or climb the corporate ladder, increase your chances of success with a background in business. This program is a degree-completion program that allows you to jump seamlessly into our program. This program will give you a more in-depth education in professional accounting, computer skills, management, marketing, human resources, presenting, and professional communications. A bachelor’s degree can open more doors than an associate degree alone, and future employers will want to see that you have the knowledge to adapt to the challenges of a dynamic marketplace.

The +2 Business Technology & Management program is a degree completion program. Students must have at least 50 transferrable credits from an accredited institution. All coursework from an accredited institution not used to meet core requirements may be used towards the 120-credit minimum provided that it does not duplicate other coursework.

Students with a Bachelor of Science in Business Technology & Management will be able to:

  • Understand the accounting cycle on an accrual and cash basis
  • Interpret financial statements and prepare budgets
  • Apply financial information to broad-based business decision making
  • Develop and deliver an effective oral team presentation on a strategic business topic
  • Understand the structure and function of human behavior in organizations and how behavioral influences impact productivity, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency at the individual, small group, and organizational levels
  • Develop marketing strategies to satisfy specific target audiences and create a marketing mix using the 4 Ps: product, price, place, and promotion
  • Apply and integrate marketing concepts with other disciplines to affect a business strategy
  • Perform human resources functions in the areas of selecting, training, and evaluating personnel
  • Identify best practices in employee training, development, appraisal, and rewards
  • Understand the basic operations, tools, and production functions of an organization involved in the efficient and effective production and delivery of goods and services
  • Understand the genesis of project, program, and portfolio management
  • Use the tools and techniques involved in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects
  • Integrate the disciplines of management, human resources, marketing, and finance to develop and affect corporate strategies and plans

The student, in conjunction with the Department Chair, develops a sequence of courses to best meet their background and needs that still satisfies the degree requirements. A typical curriculum is shown here.

Minimum Degree Requirements

Bachelor degree students are subject to Vermont Tech’s minimum degree requirements. The minimum degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Technology & Management are:

  • 6 credits of English, including Technical Communications
  • 3 credits of Information Technology, CIS 1041 Computer Applications
  • 6 credits of Mathematics, including MAT 2121 Statistics
  • 7 credits of Natural or Physical Sciences
  • 12 credits of Arts/Humanities and/or Social Science, including 3 credits at the 3,000+ level
  • 6 credits of other general education courses
  • 40 credits - General Education Requirements
  • 45 credits - Electives
  • 29 credits from Core Curriculum, including:
    • ACC 2121 - Financial Accounting or ACC 1020 Survey of Accounting
    • BUS 2020 - Principles of Management
    • BUS 2230 - Principles of Marketing
    • BUS 2440 - Introduction to Business Law
    • BUS 3230 - Financial Management or ACC 2122 Managerial Accounting
    • BUS 3250 - Organizational Behavior & Management
    • BUS 3811 - Business Problem Practicum
    • BUS 4080 - Business Strategy & Policy Development
    • ECO 2060 - Survey of Economics, Micro or Macro will substitute
  • 6 credits from the following:
    • BUS 3150 - Production & Operations Management
    • BUS 3410 - Business Ethics
    • BUS 4310 - Writing for Workplace Success
    • BUS 4530 - Technical Project Management

120 credits - total degree requirements

  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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