NECHE | 2020 Self Study

NECHE Self Study

Vermont Technical College is accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education (formerly NEASC-CIHE). In 2020, Vermont Tech will undergo its decennial comprehensive evaluation to maintain its accreditation, culminating in a site visit by a team of peer reviewers in October of 2020.

The Self Study Process

The Pre Accredidation Planning Committee was formed in the Spring of 2018, marking the start of the self-study process. President Moulton designated the Academic Planning Team during the summer of 2018. The team submitted the plan of action, which was accepted and approved by the Executive Committee.

President Moulton, accompanied by Rosemary Distel and Brent Sargent, key members of the Self-Study, attended the NECHE Self-Study 2-day Workshop. President Moulton then designated the Steering Committee - successfully distributing membership among faculty and staff. The Steering Committee began meeting monthly.

Self-Study co-chairs and Steering Committee members underwent project management training in early 2019. President Moulton appointed the Director of Marketing and Communications, Amanda Chaulk, as the Self-Study writer. Standard Team co-chairs established their teams with student, faculty, and members of the staff.

The first drafts of the standards were submitted on the 1st of June 2019.

Amanda Chaulk provided comments and feedback, which the Steering Committee received at the start of the fall semester. The Steering Committee reviewed the comments, additions, and edits. The second draft was completed and shared with the college community for review and input. Jeff Higgins delivered the final draft to the Steering Committee for approval and submission to NECHE.

Planned Actions:

  • Submit draft to NECHE for review (Summer 2020)
  • Update draft to include most recent Data First statistics (Summer 2020)
  • Finalize Self-Study, including all appendices; submit to NECHE and Visiting Team (Summer 2020)
  • Finalize Workroom documents (Summer/Fall 2020)
  • Public Comment (Through October 28, 2020)