Career & Technical Teacher Education Program

The Vermont Tech Career & Technical Teacher Education Program is an initial educational licensing route for new trades and industry instructors at Vermont's 17 career and technical centers.

Admission to the program is limited to high school graduates with at least six years experience in the trades or industry, or individuals with at least an associate's degree and four years experience. Once hired at a regional high school tech center, teachers can enter this 3 year program to obtain their Level I Educator License.

Technical education in Vermont is taught by expert tradespeople. The Career & Technical Teacher Education Program is classified by the state of Vermont as an alternative route to licensure program because it serves practicing educators who are teaching under an apprentice license. The program is also unique in serving individuals who became masters in their respective fields of the arts, business, hospitality, manufacturing, construction trades, automotive, electrical, plumbing, etc., often without earning a college degree. The Career & Technical Teacher Education Program is designed to encourage and support these new career technical educators, no matter their background, in becoming experts in a new field: teaching.

Level I Licensure candidates enrolled in the program benefit from being part of a cohort of new educators who typically meet monthly in full day courses. These apprentice teachers study and learn together how to create positive classroom climates, how to manage their classrooms, how to craft engaging lessons, how to structure their curriculum, and how to meet the needs of diverse student learners. The program's practical approach meets apprentice teachers where they're at as adult learners and guides their continual development throughout the three years.

In early 2011, the Tech Center Directors, at the CTTEP Director's request, voted to adopt the Southern Regional Education Board's (SREB)  and the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education's (NRCCTE) new CTE teacher induction program as the curriculum for the Teaching Methods courses starting in the 2011-12 school year. This was a major change in the program, as it now started with a two-week boot camp before the new teacher started in the classroom.

Even though the SREB/NRCCTE curriculum is intended to be stand alone, the Vermont Tech program includes an additional 12 credits. The additional courses go deeper in certain areas.  The program is composed of 10 courses, ideally in the following sequence: