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Home » Catalog » Philosophy (PHI)

Philosophy (PHI)

PHI 1010  Introduction to Philosophy  (3)                                                  as required
In examining the history of philosophy from Socrates to Sartre, students look at the diverse perspectives, methods, and conclusions of significant philosophers, both classical and contemporary, concerning selected topics in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and aesthetics. Class discussion of reading is directed toward an increased understanding of significant contemporary problems in light of the relevant philosophical issues; 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Education: AH) Prerequisite: None

PHI 1030  Introduction to Logic  (3)                                                             as required
This course encompasses the principles and conditions of correct reasoning, including the relationship between language and thought, deductive arguments, and the methods of inductive inference. Throughout the course, the student will be expected to apply these principles in analyzing arguments; 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Education: AH) Prerequisite: None

PHI 1040  Introduction to Ethics  (3)                                                           as required
This course introduces some of the major ethical theories about morally right action, the morally good person, and the just society. Such theories may include ethical absolutism, ethical relativism, ethical egoism, utilitarianism, formalism, and rights theory. Topics may be drawn from contemporary moral issues, such as capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia; 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Education: AH) Prerequisite: None

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