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Home » Catalog » Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies

Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies

Graduates from this program can explore a variety of career opportunities, depending on their areas of interest. The Equine Studies bachelor’s degree program is designed for students who are passionate about working with and learning about horses and who want the flexibility to pursue a variety of careers in the broader equine industry. In addition to the traditional careers (barn manager, assistant trainer, or riding instructor), the opportunities for employment are limited only by graduates’ imaginations and interests. Providing a solid foundation of business skills and equine knowledge, this program prepares students for success on whatever path they choose to follow.

The core Equine Studies program is a combination of theory and hands-on experience working with horses and clients. Specific equine topics include equine anatomy and disorders; nutrition; genetics and reproduction; training; riding instruction techniques; equine massage; tack selection and fit; therapeutic programs; farrier practices; law for the equine professional; and equitation. Independent study and internships are actively encouraged and facilitated.

Students with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies will be able to:
  • Demonstrate fundamentals of equine care and facility management by utilizing knowledge to satisfactorily complete a predetermined set of skills with a minimum of  80% success
  • Assess, critique, devise, and implement plans for using both teaching and training techniques, including their application in hands-on lab settings
  • Recognize, examine, and implement fundamental business theories and practices, including bookkeeping and accounting systems, legal guidelines, and marketing objectives and strategies
  • Demonstrate their understanding of issues in the equine industry, eventually presenting their appraisal of and recommendations about a defined area of the industry
  • Review, examine, and draw conclusions about scientific theories concerning equine health, behavior, and care
Equine Studies students must provide or arrange for their own transportation to and from the equine facility, which is located seven miles from campus. The program does encourage students to carpool whenever possible.

The minimum number of credits required for the degree is 122.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BIO 2320  Zoology 4 CHE 1020  Introduction to Chemistry 4
EQS 1011 -Introduction to Equine Studies I 2 EQS 1012  Introduction to Equine Studies II 2
EQS 1031  Stable Management 3 EQS 1032 Stable Management II 3
EQS 2025  Equitation* 1 EQS 2025  Equitation* 1
ENG 10XX  English 3 LAH 1050  Introduction to Soils 4
Select one:   VET 1020  Animal Anatomy & Physiology 4
MAT 1210  Principles of Mathematics 3   17-18
MAT 1221  Finite Mathematics 3    

EQS 1220  Horse Judging

    Summer Semester(optional)  
    EQS 2801  Summer Internship 0

Second Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
ACC 1020  Survey of Accounting 3 AGR 1030  Animal Reproduction & Genetics 3
AGR 2040  Forage Production 3 AGR 2030  Animal Nutrition 4
BUS 2210  Small Business Management 3 ENG 2080  Technical Communication 3
EQS 2011  Equine Training I 3 EQS 2025  Equitation* 1
EQS 2020  Farrier Care & Lameness 2 ELE XXXX - AH/SS elective 3
Select one:
AGR 1050  Livestock Production Select one:  
EQS 2041  Equine Massage I 3 CIS 1050  Introduction to Spreadsheets 1
CIS 1080  Intro to Spreadsheets/Database Mgmnt 2
EQS 1220  Horse Judging   15-16
EQS 2802  Internship Review (if required) 1    

Third Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BUS 2260  Principles of Financial Mgmnt 3 ACC 1010  Computerized Accounting 3
EQS 2025  Equitation* 1 EQS 3012  Equine Training II 3
EQS 3031  Riding Instruction I 3 EQS 3032  Riding Instruction II 3
ELE 3XXX  Upper level AH/SS elective 3 EQS 4110  Equine Health & Disease 3
PSY 1010  Introduction to Psychology 3 Select one:  
Optional:   MAT 1221  Finite Mathematics 3
EQS 1220  Horse Judging 1 MAT 2021  Statistics 3
EQS 3042  Equine Massage II 3
EQS 2801  Summer Internship
ELE XXXX  Elective  3   15 

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
CIS 1151  Website Design 3 BUS 2230  Principles of Marketing 3
ENG 1070  Effective Speaking 3 BUS 2410  Human Resource Management 3
EQS 4010  Law/Equine Professional 3 EQS 4120  Therapeutic Programs 2
ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3 EQS 4610  Senior Seminar 3
ELE XXXX  Elective 3 ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3
Optional:   Optional:  
EQS 1220  Horse Judging 1 EQS 2025  Equitation* 1
EQS 2025  Equitation* 1   14-15
EQS 2802  Equine Internship  1    

*Students must complete a minimum of four semesters of EQS 2025, two in the freshman year, unless the department approves an alternate schedule.

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