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Home » Catalog » Engineering Technology Foundations Track

Engineering Technology Foundations Track

The Engineering Technology Foundations Track (EFT) is a one-year curriculum that is designed to improve mathematics, science, and study skills for students who are unprepared for the rigors of the Vermont Tech engineering programs. It also has the increased benefit of reducing class load for students in the first semesters of their chosen engineering program.

At Vermont Tech, the engineering programs are quite rigorous and students who do not place into MAT 1420 are required to complete the EFT two-semester sequence prior to entering into the regular engineering degree curriculum.

In addition to the EFT track, students who do not initially place into MAT 1420 may opt to take Summer Bridge prior to the start of their first semester. If math placement has improved after Summer Bridge to the extent that the student can be placed into MAT 1420, they will be allowed directly into the degree curriculum and will not be required to take the EFT.

The Summer Bridge program is an intensive four-week residential program that provides early main campus orientation, preparatory pre-college coursework in mathematics, physics, English, and computers. For more information on Summer Bridge, contact the Office of Admissions.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
INT 1000  Freshman Seminar 1 ENG 1060  English Composition 3
INT 0010  Effective Learning* 2 PHY 0100  Basic Physics* 4
ENG 10XX  English 3 Select one:  
MAT 1111  Intro to Technical Mathematics I* 5 MAT 1112  Intro to Technical Mathematics II* 5
Select one:   MAT 1340  Algebra & Trigonometry 5
ARC 1010  Arch Woodframe Construction 3 Select as desired:  
CET 1031  Computer Applications I 3 ARC 1220  Architectural History 3
ELT 1110  Introduction to Digital Circuits 4 CET 1020  Engineering Materials 4
MEC 1011  Design Communications I 2 CIS 2025  Fundamentals of Programming 4
  13-15 MEC 1012  Design Communications II 3
    ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3

*Students may not drop these courses without the approval of the Academic Dean

Students may elect to change their engineering program after completion of the EFT track. This is perfectly acceptable and can be done with a Change of Program form available at the Office of the Registrar.

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