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Fill out the FAFSA Application

File your FAFSA at Vermont Tech’s School Code:  003698

The Department of Education encourages all students to file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically. Students may file after January 1st of each year. Please follow these steps for successful filing:
  1. Request a  personal identification number (PIN).
    You should request a PIN so you can sign your FAFSA electronically.  Your parents (if applicable) must also request a PIN if their information is required.  Go to to request your PIN.

  2. Collect all required documents.
    You will be submitting information from your completed federal tax forms.  You must also list the amounts of untaxed income received, along with the amounts in investments and savings accounts. We encourage you use completed tax information, but when necessary estimated figures may be used to meet our Priority Deadline of March 1st.

  3. IRS Data Retrieval - New federal regulations for the 2012-2013 academic year state that financial aid offices will no longer be able to accept signed copies of federal tax returns from students and parents for FAFSA verification purposes.   All need-based aid recipients selected for verification will have two options to provide tax return documentation:     

    Option 1: Use the IRS Data Retrieval Process when completing the FAFSA online. FAFSA provides instructions to link to the IRS while completing the FAFSA. Certain data elements such as AGI and taxes paid will be populated for you on the FAFSA.  Because this data comes directly from the tax return you filed with the IRS, the data is considered “verified” for FAFSA purposes.  Keep in mind:
    • The IRS Data Retrieval Tool will be available February 1, 2012 for 2012-2013 applicants.
    • The Federal Tax Return must be filed at least two weeks (if filing electronically) prior to using FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval to allow the IRS time to process the return.  If filing a paper return you should be able to use IRS Data Retrieval  6-8 weeks from the time you mailed your return.
    • Schools will still collect additional documentation to verify data not provided by the FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval Process such as copies of W2 forms and an institutional verification form for such items as household size, number in college, and untaxed income.
    • The IRS Data Retrieval Process does not have to be used on the initial FAFSA filing if your tax returns have not been processed by the IRS. You may submit a correction to the FAFSA and use the Retrieval Process at that time.

    Option 2: Request a Federal Tax Return Transcript be mailed from the IRS directly to the Financial Aid Office.
    • An official tax transcript will be required for tax filers not able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process (I.e. recently widowed, separated, or divorced parent that was required to file a joint return or a 1040X filer).
    • Schools will still collect additional documentation to verify data not provided by the verification form for such items as household size, number in college, and untaxed income.

    Please  note that the IRS Data Retrieval Process cannot be used in these circumstances:
    • Student and parents completing a paper FAFSA
    • Parents of a dependent student who filed separate federal income tax returns
    • Parents who had a change in marital status after the end of the tax year
    • Situations in which an amended federal income tax return was filed

  4. Paper FAFSA's are available upon request from the Department of Education.
    If you do not wish to file through the Internet, you may request that a paper FAFSA be mailed to you by calling the Department of Education at 1-800-433-3243.

  5. You may access your Student Aid Report (SAR) as soon as 24-48 hours after you electronically filed. Go to and choose "print student aid report."

  6. We will contact you once our aid office receives the FAFSA, we will send you a tracking letter indicating so.

  7. You will receive a financial aid award letter after we have received all required information.  The award letter will tell you the types of financial aid you are eligible to receive and instructions on how to borrow student loans. We begin mailing freshmen award letters out the end of March and returning students will receive their award letters in June.

  8. Mid-year transfer students must add VTC school code(003698)  to the FAFSA.
** Notice: Students should use Web Services on the Portal to:
  • Check the status of your financial aid application
  • View your award letter
  • Accept your award letter
  • View your bill

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