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Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is about success - YOUR success - in the academic program you've chosen at Vermont Technical College.

"I think doing the summer program helped me to prepare myself for school. I had been out of school for a couple of years and I was not quite prepared for a full college load." - Summer Bridge student comments

Each summer the College offers the Summer Bridge program an intensive, four-week college experience which prepares you in three ways:

  • Increases your knowledge base in courses such as: mathematics, physics, effective learning, and English. The academic preparation equips you for success and ready to take on college-level academics at the start of classes in the fall.
  • Helps you gain specific learning skills that every student needs to be successful.
  • Provides you with a real college experience. The means that when fall classes start you: have made friends, know some instructors and staff, know the campus, know where to access help, and you can also assist other students. The Summer Bridge experience makes your transition to college life much smoother.
"I think the type of student who would benefit from Bridge are people who need that extra push to help them out in school, and for people who are not sure if they really want to go to college." - Summer Bridge student comments

Summer Bridge usually runs from the middle of July to the middle of August. Classes and activities follow a full-day schedule each week, and housing and meals are provided on campus during the program. In addition to attending classes and group tutoring sessions, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities.

How do I enroll in Summer Bridge?

Any student who has not recently been enrolled in math, science or language arts courses, or who lacks confidence in their abilities to successfully complete these courses, may be required by Admissions to enroll in Summer Bridge as preparation for their chosen major.

The Vermont Tech Admissions Office may recommend placement in the Summer Bridge program. This placement is based on the following assessments:   
  • High school and/or college academic GPA and level of courses taken
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Vermont Tech placement test scores
"When I first heard about Summer Bridge I thought it would be a good way to get ahead in school. I got to know people before school even started so I didn't feel so alone. I also got to know the campus better so I wasn't lost." - Summer Bridge student comments

Some students who are not required to attend Bridge elect to do so simply to prepare as thoroughly as possible for the challenges ahead. If you would like to attend, but are not required to do so, contact the Admissions Office and ask to be enrolled.

Why should I attend Summer Bridge?

Get a head start
Gain confidence and skills in math, physics, or college writing
Make some new friends and explore the Vermont Tech campus
Have some fun . . .
The Summer Bridge Program might save you an extra year of classes . . . Think of the tuition savings!
Its the smart thing to do. Research shows that students who attend a Summer Bridge Program have greater success in college.


How much does it cost?

Tuition is $0.  (Yes, there is no charge for any of the courses.)
$500 for Room and Board 
$200 for books for the Engineering Math course taken by students in engineering majors. (high estimate)

What do faculty say about Summer Bridge?

If you can get past your reluctance and your own objections, Summer Bridge will be amazing.  It will provide you with a flavor of Vermont Tech that blends belonging, confidence, friendships, support, fun, and hard work into a delicious experience. You just have to give it a try.    Jan Conroy
"We provide learning experiences that transform fear into confidence, and confidence into success."  Jason LaCroix

When does Summer Bridge 2014 start?
Summer Bridge Orientation is on Saturday, July 19th. Your participation in this day is required. Please arrive on time according to the schedule we provide you.
Will I have a mentor? 

Yes, every participant will have a mentor to work with during Summer Bridge and through the fall semester.  During the fall semester mentors and students will meet weekly.

How do I enroll?
Contact the Admissions Office (800-442-8821) and tell them you want to be part of Summer Bridge. Return the form the Admissions Office sends to you along with a $50 deposit
Will I need to buy books?
Yes. We estimate that books will cost around $200. Some of the texts will be used in your fall or spring classes.
Is food included?
Yes: Monday through Friday and also on the weekends if applicable. Most meals are served in the Morey Dining Hall, but we will have some barbeques and possibly some box lunches depending on what activities are scheduled and their locations.
Please be sure to notify us of any food allergies when you send in your deposit.
If I sign up for Bridge, should I also attend an Orientation Weekend and Welcome Weekend?
Yes. It is a fun time. You will meet faculty, staff, and students not involved in Summer Bridge. And you will learn things about the college that we are not planning to include in Bridge.
Can I commute?
If absolutely necessary, yes. Please contact Dan Boyce, Summer Bridge Program Coordinator by email at or 802-728-1519 to discuss your circumstances. You should know ahead of time that we discourage students from trying to commute during the week. The days are full and can run from 8am to 9pm depending on classes and program activities.

Are activities outside of class optional?
No. These activities are essential to your successful transition into college.

What is the daily schedule?
There will be days that we work until 9pm, and other days that we end by 3pm. Classes and or program activities will begin at 8am and will end between 5pm and 9pm, Monday through Thursday depending on the class and activity schedule for the day. On Friday, your obligation to be present and engaged starts at 8am and will end by 4pm.
The schedule for the entire program will be given to you upon arrival.

Who do I direct my questions to?
About enrolling in Bridge? Please call the Admissions Office at 800-442-8821
About the details of the Summer Bridge Program?
Please contact Dan Boyce via email or by phone, 802-728-1519.

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