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Home » Student Handbook » Recycling


Please recycle the following items in the containers provided, taking care not to contaminate recycling containers with inappropriate items.

1.) Plastic Bottles and Jugs - Discard lids and rinse clean. Labels are okay.
a.) Acceptable items include:
i.) Milk jugs
ii.) Soda bottles
iii.) Shampoo bottles
iv.) Detergent bottles
v.) Other plastics with a narrow neck
b.) Unacceptable items include:
i.) Plastic cups
ii.) Motor oil bottles
iii.) Other plastics not in the shape of a bottle
2.) Paper - Must be clean and dry
a.) Acceptable items include:
i.) White/colored paper
ii.) Newspapers
iii.) Magazines
iv.) Catalogs
v.) Shredded paper
vi.) Opened mail
vii.) Envelopes
viii.) Paper bags
ix.) Phonebooks
x.) Boxboard
xi.) Corrugated cardboard
b.) Unacceptable items include:
i.) Milk cartons
ii.) Juice boxes
iii.) 6- or 12-pack boxes
iv.) Refrigerated boxes
v.) Frozen food boxes
vi.) Food soiled paper
vii.) Soiled pizza boxes
3.) Glass Bottles and Jars
a.) Acceptable items include:
i.) Iced tea bottles
ii.) Juice bottles
iii.) Other glass beverage and food containers
iv.) All glass colors accepted
b.) Unacceptable items include:
i.) Ceramics
ii.) Drinking glasses
iii.) Plate glass
iv.) Light bulbs
4.) Metal Cans and Foil - Rinse clean and place the lids inside the cans
a.) Acceptable items include:
i.) Tin-coated steel cans (e.g. soup cans)
ii.) Empty aerosol cans
iii.) Aluminum cans
iv.) Aluminum foil and pie plates
b.) Unacceptable items include:
i.) Scrap metal
ii.) Paint cans

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