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Home » Student Handbook » College Disciplinary Board

College Disciplinary Board

  • Adjudicates appeals of disciplinary dismissal, suspension from the College , residence hall suspension or dismissal.
  • Five member board composed of two full time faculty, two students and one administrator.
  • Board has access to all student records and material related to the appeal.
  • The Assistant Dean of Students is the non-voting chair of the Board.
  • Board members with a potential conflict of interest are expected to recluse themselves.
  • The Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs, or designee, will chair the Board if the Assistant Dean of Students is unable to fulfill that role.
The process is as follows:
  1. The student is notified in writing of the sanction within twenty-four hours of meeting with the Assistant Dean of Students. In cases involving a Nursing or Allied Health student that does not live in the residence halls, the meeting would be with the Director of Nursing Programs. Copies of correspondence are sent to the student‘s advisor and the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs.
  2. The student appeals the sanction, in writing, within forty-eight hours to the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs. The student must include a current address at which they can be reached. The Dean notifies the Assistant Dean of Students who contacts the members of the Board and arranges a hearing at the earliest convenience of an available group of board members, typically forty-eight hours. Every effort will be made to hold a hearing within this timeline. The College reserves the right to modify its procedures and timeline when the College is not in normal academic session or when circumstances indicate that special expertise is need to assure fairness. No student who has been dismissed will be allowed to attend classes, be on Vermont Technical College property or attend a clinical affiliation while the appeal is in process.
  3. The student is notified in writing and by email at their Vermont Tech account of the date, time and location of the hearing. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to check mail and email. Failure to appear will result in denial of the appeal.
  4. At the designated time, the board reviews the materials of the case and determines if an appeal is granted. The student will then be called before the board to either verbally state the appeal or to be told that an appeal is not warranted.
  5. The student may bring another person to advise them during their hearing, but the advisor does not have the right to speak for the student. The board may also request that other individuals be present as they may deem necessary in order to provide background information.
  6. The student is dismissed from the hearing and the board deliberates the merits of the appeal and comes to a decision. On some occasions, the board may feel that more information is needed to schedule a follow up hearing.
  7. When the board makes a decision, the student is then called back to the hearing and informed of the decision. The chair then notifies the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs, in writing, of the board‘s decision.
The Dean is the final arbiter and has the option of accepting the recommendations of the board, accepting and modifying the recommendations, or disregarding the recommendations and re-addressing the matter. The Dean issues the results of the appeal to the student in writing with copies to the board members, the student‘s advisor, the registrar, the Director of Financial Aid and the Academic Dean.

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