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Internships, externships, co-ops, and summer employment are wonderful opportunities for students to strengthen their job skills, build relationships with employers, and gain new experiences. They provide a chance for the student to test drive a career and explore a new city, state, or even country! Employers benefit from receiving a dedicated, energetic, labor force that comes with flexibility and innovative ideas.

Beth Peebles and monkey
Beth Peebles, VET student class of 2010, at her externship with Avian & exotic Animal Care, of Raleigh, NC

Students - browse Vermont Tech's internship website to learn more about current internship opportunities or to check out what other students have done in the past.

Employers - use our website to learn more about Vermont Tech's internship requirements, to post a job, or to see a list of Vermont Tech's academic programs and learn more about what our students have to offer.


“I was able to work with other people who had the same passion as I did. I loved being able to get more experience on what I loved to do. I was also able to start a small business this summer fixing computers thanks to the experience I gained from my internship at LEARN.”
- Benjamin Kaufman, class of 2013, summer internship at LEARN Regional Educational Service Center

“I was kind of nervous when I started the internship, because I wasn’t sure how much experience I would get being an intern. I was pleasantly surprised, and I learned a lot about accounting and the accountant’s position with a company.  It really gave me some good insight on whether I wanted to be an accountant once I graduate. It was a great experience.”
– Tessa Collette, class of 2010, summer internship at Stone Environmental