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Information for Students

Students - Expand your career horizons with an internship. There's no better way to get your foot in the door with a company and build your resume. Feel free to visit the internship coordinator in Conant 221 to discuss your internship needs. Remember that to land an internship you usually need the same polished resume and interview skills that you would use when seeking a permanent job.


  • Build your resume early - get involved with student clubs, community service, and other leadership/skill building networks.

  • Does your Facebook page feature you at your less-than best? Clean up your web-profile: make sure all social networking sites are put on private settings. Employers do check these pages. Do a web search for your information to double-check that it is not available for public viewing.

  • Start your summer internship search at the end of the fall semester, as some larger companies have early winter application deadlines.

  • Save the internship job description details - you can use them later to help describe the experience on your resume.

Internship Links:

At first, it was just a job to me, but then I actually got into it and this is when I decided that this is what I wanted to do throughout college and have for a career.

Nichole Martin, class of 2013, summer internship at Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

" Even if unpaid, it was a great experience for a few reasons. First, I got to take a first, real interview for a job with the head of HR of the company. Second, I got to do some things that have never been taught to me in the classes taken so far, things that I learned myself out of book. Third, having your name on a website as a creator is a more rewarding thing than getting paid (at least while Im still a beginner at this). And finally, this goes on my portfolio, so that can only be a great thing." 

- Andrei Ghenoiu, class of 2012, summer internship at Breen Systems Management