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Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment courses are available to Vermont high school students enrolled in area technical centers. Students may obtain college level credits while completing their high school education in participating technical center programs. Credits earned can then be used to further the students' education at participating post-secondary institutions.

Some Vermont high schools have also been approved to teach Vermont Tech courses under the Accelerated High School Program. Approved schools teach the exact same college course at the high school location. This is an excellent opportunity for students who do not live close to a college and who have the academic ability to participate in dual enrollment opportunities and get a start on college.

Students living close to one of Vermont Tech's campuses may also take courses on campus through the Accelerated High School Program.

Areas of Study Available

Currently, Vermont Tech has developed pathways for technical center students in the program areas of Architectural & Building Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Diesel Power Technology, Allied Health, Business, Landscape Design & Sustainable Horticulture, Automotive Technology, and Diversified Agriculture.

A few high schools in the state are offering Vermont Tech's math and English courses. Students going to the campus location may choose from all the course offerings in which they meet the prerequisites. Placement exams are required for students entering into a math and/or English course.


Students are able to get a 'jump start' on college courses prior to starting their post-secondary education. Some students may take advantage of a lighter credit load their first semester to concentrate on more difficulty courses while others may decide to add additional courses to balance out their education. For students who are pondering whether to attend college, it provides an opportunity to 'try' a college course in a very non-threatening arena.

More information?

For more information about Vermont Tech's Dual Enrollment  Program, participating technical centers, courses available, and enrollment information, please read our Dual Enrollment brochure, or contact:

Rosemary Distel
Vermont Technical College
PO Box 500
Randolph Center, VT 05061