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Test Taking Strategies

Do you feel nervous when you have to take a test or quiz?  Does your mind sometimes go blank when you first see the test?  Do you get tests back and realize that you made careless errors?  Try using the following hints.  Read the whole test first.  Then do the questions you know.  As soon as you begin to work on something you feel confident about, your anxiety level will drop.  Another reason to read the whole test first is that sometimes information that will help you answer one question will be contained in another question!  For a test that has required a lot of memorization, you may want to write down formulas, equations, facts, etc., as soon as you get the test.  It may be easier to remember them when you arenít under the pressure of having to answer a specific question. On many tests, it is possible to get partial credit.  If this is the case, it is usually a good idea to write down all the steps on the way to the answer.  Even if your final answer is wrong, you may get some points if the instructor sees that you were on the right track.  Be sure to read directions and questions carefully.  Many points are lost because students misunderstand what is being asked.  If a question or directions are unclear, ask your instructor for further explanation.  Chances are that others in the class could use this information as well.