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More from "How to Get Good Grades in College":  Taking notes can help you pay attention in class.  Here's why:  Since you can think faster than anyone can talk, your mind can tend to wander during class lectures.  When you take notes, you don't have time to think about anything else, so note-taking helps you stay focused.  Some note-taking hints:  Write on every other line so that you will have space to add things later; Use symbols and abbreviations to increase your note-taking speed; Leave a wide margin on the left side of the page for key words - these words can then be used to help you study for a test - cover your notes and see how much you can remember about each key word.  And our favorite hint:  Review and clarify your notes as soon as possible.  Memory studies show that, without review, 47% of what a person learns is forgotten in the first 20 minutes. So reviewing/editing is the most important part of note-taking!