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Veterinary Technology

Students in the Veterinary Technology program prepare for professional opportunities as veterinary technicians, forming an important link between animals and veterinarians.

Under the supervision of a veterinarian, students gain practical experience in pharmacy, radiology, surgery, and the laboratory. Students also gain skills and experience in patient reception and client education.

Vermont Techís facilities are personalized environments that are supported by labs, surgical facilities, and a working farm. A full-time veterinarian instructs students in the core program with support from other faculty and a full-time veterinary technician. Specific courses are taught on a practical level with the intent of making the student a competent assistant. Hands-on experience in the laboratories is stressed.

Employment opportunities for graduates of the Veterinary Technology program include positions with veterinary practices, universities, pharmaceutical/biological research companies, diagnostic labs, feed companies, zoos, government veterinary facilities, and animal shelters and humane societies.

The veterinary industry shows high demand for graduates of the Veterinary Technology program and this demand is expected to continue to grow. Some students pursue additional educational opportunities at other educational institutions. Graduates of the Veterinary Technology program may apply to bachelorís degree programs in Animal Science, Veterinary Technology, and other related fields.