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Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture

The mission of the Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture program is to prepare students for a wide range of successful careers in landscape design and horticulture. Some of the most critical issues that we face as a state and as a nation involve the judicious and sustainable use of land, stewardship of our natural resources, enhancing the quality of our built environment, and accommodating human activity while minimizing the negative impact on natural and cultural systems.

The Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture program offers an bachelorís degree with an emphasis on horticultural theory and practice; landscape design theory and practice; construction management and practice; a business sequence (accounting, small business, and marketing); and a selection of general education courses, including math and English.

Graduates of the program can expect to pursue opportunities in an expanding and dynamic career field. The greenhouse and nursery industry is growing more rapidly than all other sectors of agriculture. Landscape planning and design are increasingly important in the construction and renovation of our homes and communities. Projected job growth in the field is excellent and there is a steady trend toward higher salaries.