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Diversified Agriculture

Vermont Tech Dairy FarmDeveloped through a collaboration of both students and faculty, the Diversified Agriculture program combines animal, plant, and soil sciences with a knowledge and understanding of business and management. The program will emphasize the use of synergistic biological processes to foster a reduction in the need for non-natural substances in order to increase the use of renewable energy technologies.

Graduates of this program will be well-prepared to own or manage small farms with diverse operations such as dairy, livestock (e.g. beef, sheep, and goats), succession grazing, market gardening, greenhouse production, and maple sugaring. Additional opportunities exist for graduates to act as consultants to agricultural organizations looking to diversify their operations.
Today's farmers and agricultural industries must compete for customers on an international level while simultaneously meeting an increased demand for locally grown products. Training farmers to develop and synergize diverse agriculture operations on the same farmstead will make them stronger all-around competitors in the food production market, as well as more economically sound.