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Computer Information Technology

The Computer Information Technology program is designed to fill both educational and workforce gaps in computer and information technology within the state of Vermont. The program is sponsored in part by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education grant. For both the Computer Information Technology and Computer Software Engineering degrees, there is a common core set of courses with opportunities for students to concentrate their studies in focused specialization areas. Those areas include algorithms; analysis and design; web development; networking; and office automation.

There are both associateís degrees and bachelorís degrees available and the programs may be completed as two-year associateís programs, four-year bachelorís programs, or as 2+2 programs.

Since both the Computer Information Technology and Computer Software Engineering degree programs have the same initial curriculum, students may change programs after the first term with no loss of time or credits.

The programsí academic tracks share their roots in a common grouping of core courses. The following core studies create a strong background for continuing studies with either a business focus in the Computer Information Technology degree or a technical focus in the Computer Software Engineering degree. Core course subject areas include historical developments; logic; systems thinking; change-related stresses; emerging technologies; societal issues; professionalism and ethics; fundamental programming; HTML; and web scripting.

Careers in information science and technology are broad. Just a few of the employment opportunities include computer and information systems managers, management analysts, computer system designers, database administrators, forensic computer analysis, software engineers, website designers and developers, and software publishers.