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Renewable Energy, Bachelor of Science Degree

Enrolling for the Fall of 2014!

The Renewable Energy degree integrates the study of engineering, technology, science and business to prepare graduates to design, implement, and manage renewable energy systems and similar technologies. Students learn to evaluate renewable resources, complete site assessments, design systems, model system performance, utilize data acquisition tools and integrate energy systems into landscapes, buildings and communities.

Renewable Energy is one of three integrated Bachelors of Science degrees offered via Vermont Tech’s Sustainable Design & Technology program:
  • Green Buildings Design
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Land Use 
Students enrolled in any of these three degrees take a common core of classes during their first three years. In their senior year, they work together in cross-disciplinary teams in two intensive, capstone courses, applying problem solving and design skills to real world projects.

Program ObjectivesWhat will students learn to do in Renewable Energy? 
  • Design and manage renewable energy systems and related technologies;
  • Develop a career path that employs knowledge of science, technology and management to address energy needs and challenges;
  • Work as an effective member of a multidisciplinary team using strong graphic and verbal skills to present ideas; and
  • Learn to integrate state of the art knowledge in this rapidly evolving profession. 
Renewable energy courses offer hands-on experiences and include: site assessment; systems installations; biomass processing; system performance monitoring; and troubleshooting. Students also develop and apply theoretical tools to predict energy system performance and utilize computer-aided technology for design. Renewable energies covered are solar PV, solar thermal (hot water), wind, and biomass, including anaerobic digestion.

The Renewable Energy degree program begins with foundational courses to build knowledge and skills in technology, design, analysis, and communication.  The second and third years of the program offer hands-on experience with solar, wind, biomass and other working renewable energy systems on our Randolph Center campus. Student experiences include solar and wind resource assessment, biomass processing and characterization, system design and installation, and performance estimation and monitoring. More advanced courses address topics like energy modeling and energy policy. The capstone project creates interdisciplinary teams from all SDT degrees, Renewable Energy, Green Buildings Design and Sustainable Land Use, to work on integrated design projects. 

Possible career options:
Our graduates have held these titles in a number of engineering and technology fields in addition to renewable energy.
  • Systems designer
  • Systems technician
  • Field operations technologist
  • Technical manager
  • Sales technician
Potential employers:
  • Renewable energy manufacturers
  • Energy project developers
  • Manufacturing and technology companies
  • Energy consulting and management firms
Freshman FALLFreshman SPRING
SDT-1000SDT Orientation1
ENG-10XXEnglish Composition 3/4
MAT-1420Technical Mathematics5
PHY-1041Physics I4
MEC-1050Computer Apps MEC1
MECDesign Comm I2
MAT-1520Calc for Engineering4
ENG-2080Tech Communication3
PHY-1042Physics II4
MECManufacturing Processes2
SDT-1XXXIntro to Green Sites3
Sophomore FALLSophomore SPRING
BIO-1020Intro Enviro Science4
ELT-2071Basic Electricity3
CHE-1031General Chemistry I4
SDT-2XXXIntro Renewable Energy3
ARE-3050Fund Fluids & Thermo4
SDT-2560Solar Photovoltaics2
SDT-2XXXSolar Hot Water2
SDT-2XXXIntro Green Buildings3
Junior FALLJunior SPRING
MEC-2035Statics & Strengths Mat4
ELT-2073Intro to LabVIEW3
ARC-2031Environmental Sys 13
SDT-3XXXWind Power Systems2
SDT-3XXXBiomass Heating Sys2
SDT-3000Internship Prep1
BUS-4530Technical Project Mgt3
SDT-3130Teams & Leaders3
ARE-2032Environmental Sys II3
SDT-3XXXRenew Ener Pol Permit**3
SDT-3XXXCombined Heat & Power2
Senior FALLSenior SPRING
ELE-3XXXEle @ 3000 level3
ELE-XXXXAH/SS elective3
SDT-4XXXEnergy Sys Simulation3
SDT-3121SDT Studio I3
SDT-4820SDT Internship Review1
BUS-2XXXBUS choice3
SDT-4XXXAdvanced Solar PV3
SDT-4XXXInteg & Energy Storage**3
SDT-4122SDT Studio II3
123 total credits