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VTC Online FAQs

FAQs Vermont Tech Online Programs

Q: How can I learn more about online classes?
1.Test your readiness for online classes by taking the Is Online Learning Right for Me self-assessment.

2. Email an online program director:
B.S. Applied Business:Joyce Twing
B.S. Nursing:Meredith Roberts
B.S. Dental Hygiene:Ellen Grimes

or contact the Admissions Office or call (800) 442-8821.

Q: What programs does Vermont Tech offer online?
A: Vermont Tech offers a selection of individual courses online and hybrid (a mixture of online and face-to-face meetings) every semester as well as three fully online degree completion programs:  B.S. Applied Business Management, B.S. Dental Hygiene, and B.S. Nursing.  For individual online and hybrid courses, view the latest schedule.  For information about an online program, click the program link above. 

Q:  What are Tuition and Fees for Online programs?
A: For the 2013-14 academic year, the tuition and fees for Vermont Tech’s online programs are the following:
Vermont ResidentsNon-Vermont Residents
Online Fee (each semester)$199$199
Matriculation Fee (first semester)$330$330

*Out-of-state tuition is $918 per credit, reduced by $438 per credit in scholarship funds

Other Estimated Expenses:
Application Fee (new/first-time applicants)$46
Late Registration Fee$56
Non-degree Student Registration Fee* (per semester)$50
Graduation Fee$86
Deferred Payment Fee (per semester)$50
Transcript Evaluation Fee$50

*Applies only to students who have not been accepted into a VTC program

Q: How do I apply?
A: For details on the application process, click here.

Q:  Is financial aid available to online students?
A:  Financial aid eligibility for students in Vermont Tech’s online programs is the same as for students in any Vermont Tech program.  Please note the following eligibility requirements for receiving financial aid:
  1. You must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  2. You must be accepted into and enrolled in a degree or certificate program at VTC.
  3. You must not be in default on any federal student loans or owe a refund previously awarded financial aid.
  4. You must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours (3 credit hours for Pell Grant eligibility only).
  5. You must be making satisfactory academic progress.
  6. You must be registered with Selective Service (if required).
For complete information about financial aid, please visit the college’s Financial Aid website.

Q: Will I have an advisor in my online program?
A: All students enrolled in a degree program at Vermont Tech are assigned an advisor.  In online programs, your advisor is usually the director of the program in which you are enrolled.  You may contact your advisor through the Moodle learning system, by email, or by phone.

Q: Which Learning Management System is used for the online classes?
A: Moodle is the Learning Management System students will use for online classes. We encourage all students to participate in our New Student Orientation online class to learn how to use Moodle and how to develop strategies for success in online learning. The class is self-paced, and it is free to students who enroll in online classes.

Q: How do I access my online courses?
  1. Go to the Vermont Tech Portal.
  2. Enter your Username. If you don't know your Username, click on "What's My Username" on the left hand side of the Portal website.
  3. Enter your Password. (By default your password is your 3 initials, the same initials as your user name, plus the last four digits of your social security number). 
  4. Click Login.
If you are still having trouble logging in, submit a Helpdesk Request.

Q: Are the online classes self-paced, or do they follow a semester schedule with assignment deadlines?
A: The online classes are not self-paced. Your professors will post weekly assignments with specific due dates, and the class has to be completed by the end of the semester. 
Online classes follow the same calendar schedule and assume the same requirements as face-to-face classes. They offer the flexibility and convenience of not having to show up at a physical location at a designated time. There is no expectation of any residency requirement for the degree. There is no expectation for any synchronous meeting times when all students would need to be online at the same time.

Q: What are the attendance requirements for online classes?
A: Students "attend" an online class by participating in discussion forums and/or submitting assignments on the Moodle class website. Each professor will have his/her own guidelines for attendance. It is typical that students would be expected to participate in the class a minimum of three times per week.

Q: Is there a residency requirement for Vermont Tech's online degrees?
A: There is no residency requirement for the online degrees.

Q: Can I take time off if I have a family or work commitment?
A: Students have two weeks after each semester begins to drop a class. After the two-week period is over, students will be responsible to pay for the class. If there is an extenuating circumstance toward the end of a semester, a student can request that the professor consider an Incomplete grand, and the student must finish the class by the middle of the next semester. 
Students who start a degree program and do not take at least one class per semester must contact the Admissions Office to request that their student status be reinstated. Students who do not take a class for more than one successive semester may be required to submit a new Admissions application.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete an online degree?
A: There is no time limit to complete the BS Applied Business Management degree. There is a five-year time limit to complete the BS Nursing Degree and a six-year time limit to complete the BS Dental Hygiene degree.

Q: Where do I purchase textbooks for my online courses?
A: You may order texts online at the VTC Bookstore.  You can also order your texts by phone- (802) 728-9265.  If you choose to order your texts from a different vendor, Vermont Tech will be unable to intervene should you have problems with your order. 

Q: What kind of computer hardware, software, and Internet connection will I need?
A: We recommend Windows 7 (preferred) or Windows 8. If you are in a program that does not have any special software requirements, then a Mac should be fine. We highly recommend that you consult with your advisor and/or instructors about software requirements before choosing a Mac. Microsoft Office can be purchased at a discounted price for both Windows and Mac. Please click here for more information.

While we understand that every computer is different, most newer PCs and Macs will perform without issue for your Vermont Tech educational needs.  If your computer came with Windows 7 or 8 preloaded, your processor and memory should be sufficient for the average online or hybrid course.  If your program requires special software, you should speak to the program director about specific computer requirements.

Because Vermont Tech online courses utilize an array of multimedia and web-based resources, it is important that your internet connection be at least 1.5Mbps or faster. If you are unsure of your internet speeds, please contact your internet service provider.

If you plan on purchasing a new computer, please see the minimum and recommended requirements below.  If visiting a retail store for purchasing, we recommend printing and bringing them with you.

Technical Requirements:


Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
Memory: 4GB or more
Hard Drive: 120GB or more
Bandwidth: 1.5Mbps or better (for online courses)


Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
Memory: 8GB or more
Hard Drive: 240GB or more
Bandwidth: 15Mbps or better (for online courses)

Q: What computer skills will I need?
A: Experience accessing and navigating the internet, composing and sending email, uploading and downloading files, composing documents, and cutting, copying, and pasting text. It is also important to take the Online Student Orientation which outlines the basics of navigating the Moodle learning system, how to use the Hartness Library and how to get academic support.

Q: Who should I contact for technical or academic support?
A: Click on the student support link for a list of contact personnel.

Q: How can I learn how to use the student Portal?
A: The easiest way to learn how to use the student Portal is to access our Moodle tutorials on the web.