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Book Ordering

Vermont Tech Bookstore

  1. Go to Vermont Tech online bookstore
  2. At top left side of the screen – click Books
  3. Select your program drop-down menu - Select “All VTC Locations”
  4. Select your term from drop-down menu - Select “Fall 2013”
  5. Select your division from drop-down menu - Select “Vermont Tech All Locations”
  6. Select your department from drop-down menu - Select the prefix of the class for which you with to purchase a book (BUS for business classes or MAT for math classes, for example)
  7. Select your course from the drop-down menu - Select the course number of the course for which you wish to purchase a book (4-digit number)
  8. Select your selection from the drop-down menu - Select “TON1” for online classes; Select T1 or T2 for Randolph classes; Select TW1 for Willistion classes
  9. Click Submit
  10. You will see the required materials and options for purchase.
If you have question:
Phone: (802)-728-9265