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Independent Study/Special Topics (XXX)

XXX X710  Special Topics                                                           as required
These courses are for one-time or special offerings that do not have an approved course number. They may be in any subject area and the credits may vary. The special topics course requirements and evaluation criteria are developed by the instructor, subject to departmental approval. Details of specific course content are available from the instructor from the department chair for the subject offered.

XXX X910  Independent Study                                                           as required
Independent Study is designed to provide a student with the opportunity to work individually with a faculty member in a subject area or on an individual research project that is normally not available in the studentís regular coursework. Independent study is initiated by the student discussing the proposed project with the instructor with whom the student wishes to work. An Independent Study Contract form must be filled out and can be obtained from the Registrar. The form requires signatures from the student, department chair/director, and the Academic Dean.