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Professional Pilot Technology

Graduates of this program are prepared for a variety of career opportunities in aviation. Students attain necessary flight credentials for cockpit positions including flight education, corporate flying, charter operations, and commuter airline jobs, as well as ultimate positions with main domestic and international air carriers. In addition, students may also qualify for employment in many other aviation industry positions such as managers, dispatchers, simulator trainers, and marketers for aviation or related companies.

The Professional Pilot Technology program provides flight training courses in cooperation with Vermont Flight Academy at the nearby Burlington International Airport. Offered FAA certificates and ratings include: Private, Instrument, Commercial (Single-Engine Land & Sea),  Multi-Engine (Land & Sea), and Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane, Instrument, & Multi-Engine). The course work combines both basic and advanced airmanship skills to provide safe operations in all types of flying.

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation: Professional Pilot Technology program will:
  • Provide graduates with the academic and professional tools needed to achieve success in the constantly changing aviation industry
  • Provide knowledge of contemporary world-wide aviation industry issues
  • Provide specific flying skills to attain FAA certificates and ratings that allow for success in all segments of the international  aviation industry
  • Enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills necessary for safe and effective flying
  • Provide professional preparation and a zeal for lifelong learning, with a focus on the development of professional skills enhanced by the  technology of aviation and integrated safety practices
Students with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation: Professional Pilot Technology will:
  • Demonstrate the theoretical knowledge necessary to attain FAA certificates and ratings in Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, and Multi-Engine
  • Demonstrate flight skills and knowledge necessary for attainment of all  FAA certificates and ratings offered in the program
  • Understand and interpret meteorological data to ensure safe and efficient flight operations
  • Operate as a crew member in an aircraft cockpit and function effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team 
  • Understand the technological,  political, and historical developments constituting the evolution of modern aviation
  • Apply aerodynamic, mathematical, and scientific principles to ensure safe and efficient flight operations
  • Accurately analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources in all facets of aviation and all types of flying
  • Communicate with peers, instructors, superiors, subordinates, and government agencies with precision and clarity
 The minimum number of credits required for the bachelorís degree is 121.

First Year

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AER 1010  Private Pilot: Ground3AER 1032  Aviation Meteorology II3
AER 1020  Private Pilot: Flight2AER 1110  Pilot Instrumentation Rating: Ground3
AER 1031  Aviation Meteorology I3AER 1120  Pilot Instrumentation Rating: Flight2
ENG 10XX  English3ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective3
INT 1000  Freshman Seminar1PHY 1041  Physics I 4
MAT 1340  Algebra & Trigonometry5 15



Second Year

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AER 2010  Commercial Pilot: Ground3AER 2032  Commercial Pilot: Flight II2
AER 2031  Commercial Pilot: Flight I2AER 2110  Aviation Safety/Accident Investigation3
AER 2610  Aviation Project 2BUS 2020  Principles of Management3
AER 2130  Aviation History3ELE 2XXX  AH/SS elective3
BIO 1330  Intro Occupational Physio/Psych3ENG 2080  Technical Communication3

13 14


Third Year

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AER 3010  Certified Flight Instructor: Ground6AER 3020  Certified Flight Instructor: Flight2*
AER 3030  Human Factors, Risk Management/CRM3BUS 2270  Organizational Communication3
AER 3040  AC Maintenance for Pilots3BUS 3410  Business Ethics3
BUS 3080  Airline Operations/Management3ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective3
ELE 3XXX  Upper level AH/SS elective3MAT 2021  Statistics3

18 14


Fourth Year

Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AER 4010  Multi-Engine Ground/Flight1AER 4110  Adv Transport Category Systems3
AER 4020  CFI: Instrument Ground/Flight1AER 4130  High Altitude Navigation/International Flight Ops3
AER 4030  CFI: Multi-Engine Ground/Flight1AER 4050  Adv Aerodynamics/Flight Controls3
AER 4040  Corporate Flying/Aviation Business3ELE 3XXX  Upper level AH/SS elective3
AER 4610  Aviation Senior Project3ELE XXXX  Elective3
BUS 3150  Production & Operations Management3 15
ELE XXXX  Elective3  

*Number of credits subject to final approval