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Interdisciplinary (INT)

NT 0010  Effective Learning (2)                                                                     fall/spring
This course will introduce students to the behaviors and skills necessary for academic success. Through a series of readings, journals, lectures, and essays, students will develop skills in setting goals; developing a sense of personal ownership and responsibility, and self-awareness, along with the more mechanical skills of note-taking and organization. Particularly appropriate for students on academic probation, the learning acquired will enable them to achieve and maintain good academic standing. Credits do not count toward graduation; 2 hours of lecture per week. Prerequisite: None

INT 1000  Freshman Orientation (1)                                                               fall/spring
This course is designed to facilitate a successful transition to college and focuses on orientation to college, academic success strategies, professional development, and an introduction to a degree program. Topics include student rights and responsibilities; student grading and graduation requirements; student information technologies and data base orientation; campus/site resources; time management; note taking; introduction to career opportunities; and program specific topics; 1 hour of seminar per week; graded Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite: None

INT 3060  Leadership Studies (3)                                                                         as required
Leadership Development Studies curriculum delivers a diverse, interdisciplinary approach to leadership instruction. Grounded in the humanities, the curriculum is relevant to all in this modern age. The curriculum combines the study of great leaders portrayed in the humanities by writers, historians, and film-makers from ancient times to modern-day: a novel and experiential learning approach to defining and rediscovering your leadership qualities; 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Education: AH) Prerequisite: None