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Environmental Studies (ENV)

ENV 2070  Environmental Law (3)                                                               as required
This course will analyze various aspects of environmental policy-making in both the U.S. and internationally. It will begin with various philosophical and ideological perspectives concerning the relationship between man and nature. There will be consideration of how environmental issues interact with various other types of societal goals, particularly economic prosperity, security, and freedom. The class will study aspects of the environmental policy process and its outcomes in the U.S. through the use of a number of case studies relevant to particular policy problems (including air and water pollution, biological engineering, and energy); 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Ed: SS) Prerequisite: ENG 1061 or equivalent

ENV 3050  Studies in Environmental Issues  (3)                                       as required
Technological advances have been used to lessen or solve many of humanity’s problems. In one major area, the environment, advances in technology have not always accomplished the desired ends. This course looks at basic environmental science and uses political, economic, and sociological perspectives to look at environmental problems, proposed solutions, and the failure of society to implement effective solutions; 3 hours of lecture per week. (General Education: SS) Prerequisite:  ENG 1061 or equivalent, junior standing or instructor permission