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Allied Health Sciences (AHS)

AHS 2011  Emergency Medical Service (6)                                                               fall
This course combines classroom and laboratory instruction in all phases of pre-hospital emergency care at the emergency medical technician level. Clinical practice includes patient assessments, required participation in ambulance/rescue emergency service response, and hospital experience. This course prepares students for EMT-B and CPR/AED certification through a written exam, hospital care, and proficiency skill testing. In addition, after successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to take the NREMT EMT-B certifying exam; 4 hours of lecture, 2 hours of laboratory per week. Prerequisite: None [Course fee: $200] Non-credit version of AHS 2011 is CED 0011

AHS 2035  First Aid and CPR (2)                                                            spring
This course  is an introduction to first aid directed toward the basic principles of assessment and treatment of injury in the workplace. Scenarios and practice in outdoor and indoor workplace settings are included. Students will be able to provide first responder stabilization, treatment, and CPR; 4 hours of studio per week. Prerequisite: None [Course fee: $75]