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Undeclared Major

Students who have not decided on a specific program of study and who have met the acceptance requirements of Vermont Tech may be admitted to the college in an undeclared status. Enrollment as undeclared may begin in either the fall or spring semester.

Students who might be interested in this program who are uncertain about a major, want to begin college in mid-year, would like a lighter credit load, would like a slower pace, or have other plans for subsequent semesters should discuss this with their academic advisor.

Students who matriculate as undeclared will be expected to select a degree program by the end of their second term at Vermont Tech. When ready to declare, students will apply for a change of program during the pre-registration cycle for the following term. Acceptance into a degree program is contingent upon space availability and departmental approval and is through the Office of Admissions for “capped” programs. Once in the program, students are expected to meet all the requirements of that program for graduation.

Enrollment as undeclared is based on placement, student desires, and class availability. Undeclared status will also increase the time it takes to complete a degree. Students are not eligible to graduate as undeclared and will not have scheduling priority over degree-seeking students.

A minimum of 12 credits are required for full-time status and on-campus residency. Subsequent terms may be scheduled as necessary.

Sample Semesters:
Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
XXX 1000  Freshman Orientation 1 CIS XXXX  Computer elective 2
CIS XXXX  Computer elective 2 ENG XXXX  English 3
ENG XXXX  English 3 MAT XXXX  Mathematics 2-5
MAT XXXX  Mathematics 2-5 SCI XXXX  Science 3-4
SCI XXXX  Science 3-4 ELE XXXX  Elective 3
ELE XXXX  Elective 3   13-17