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Telecommunications Technology

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Telecommunications Technology program is part of a cooperative effort among Vermont Tech, the telecommunications industry, and other New England colleges. Presently, enrollment in the program is open only to employees of sponsoring organizations. 

The program provides a thorough examination of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, as well as a solid foundation in mathematics, electronics, physics, and general education subjects. The instructional approach is applications-oriented with a science and technology emphasis. Graduates of the program are proficient in the broad range of technical competencies required of highly-skilled telecommunications technicians.

The general education foundation in mathematics, computer applications, social science, and written and oral communications provides essential support for the specialized coursework in electronics and technical subjects specific to the telecommunications industry.

The normal number of credits for the degree is 61.


First Semester Credits
CIS 1030 - Introduction to Computers 3
MAT 1421 - Technical Mathematics I 4
TCT 1000 - Telecommunications Orientation 1
Third Semester Credits
ELT 2030 - Digital Electronics II 4
MAT 1422 - Technical Mathematics II 4
Fifth Semester Credits
ELT 1101 - General Electronics 4
TCT 1001 - Telecommunications I 4
Seventh Semester Credits
ENG 2080 - Technical Communication 3
TCT 2003 - Telecommunications III: LANS & WANS 4


Second Semester Credits
ELT 1110 - Digital Electronics I 4
ENG 10XX - English 3
Fourth Semester Credits
ELT 1070 - Electrical Circuits 4
PHY 1041 - Physics I 4
Sixth Semester Credits
TCT 1002 - Telecommunications II: Introduction to Voice & Data 4
ELT 1102 - General Electronics II 4
Eighth Semester Credits
SSC XXXX - Social Science Elective 3
TCT 2004 - Telecommunications IV: Advanced Topics 4

*Students who do not place into ENG 1060 or 1061 may need to take remedial coursework.

TCT 0001 Asset Test Preparation may be a prerequisite to the first semester for some students.