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Technical Education Program

The Career and Technical Teacher Education Program is an approved Vermont Department of Education (DoE) alternative educational licensing route for trades and industry teachers at Vermontís secondary regional career and technical centers.

Typically, once a teacher is hired at a regional career and technical center, s/he enters this three-year program to complete the qualifications for a Vermont Level I Educator License. The teacher-candidate first obtains an apprenticeship license from the DoE, which requires at least a high school diploma and six years of experience in the trades or industry, or an associate degree and at least four years of experience. The teacher-candidate takes education courses and receives support during the next three years from the Career and Technical Teacher Education Program.

The program courses are:
Courses Credits
EDU 2051  Teaching Methods I 3
EDU 2052  Teaching Methods I (continued) 3
EDU 2061  Teaching Methods II 3
EDU 2062  Teaching Methods II (continued) 3
EDU 2135  Instruction for Students with Special Needs
PSY 2110  Educational Psychology

EDU 2802 Externship I 1
EDU 2115  Issues & Trends in Technical Education 3
EDU 3550  Technology in the Classroom 1
EDU 2710  Capstone     


Note: Enrollment in these courses requires the permission of the Program Director.