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Diesel Power Technology

The associate degree program in Diesel Power Technology answers an increasing need for skilled diesel service technicians for the growing agricultural, heavy-duty truck, and earth-moving equipment service industry. Graduates are prepared to enter the repair, parts, or management aspects of the diesel power service industry. Job categories include general repair technician, parts professional, service advisor, and, with experience, specialty or lead technician, parts manager, or service manager. Self employment is also possible and a small business management course is included in the curriculum.  Graduates are currently employed by Milton Cat, Ryder Truck Rental Systems, Woods CRW, Sheldon Mack/Volvo, Champlain Valley Equipment, R.R. Charlebois Inc., Clarkeís Truck Center, J & B International, VTrans, and Engineerís Construction Inc.

The program covers all significant skill areas of the repair industry and includes modules on parts and supplies acquisition, record keeping, customer relations, and preventive maintenance. Electronic control of mechanical systems, system design considerations, and the analysis and diagnosis of system failures are examined through the coursework. Students are exposed to agricultural equipment, earth-moving equipment, and heavy-duty trucks and have the opportunity to work part-time at local service providers. A 400-hour summer internship is included which provides students with production experience and an opportunity to assess future employment possibilities.

The coursework covers all systems down to the component level on agricultural equipment, earth-moving equipment, and heavy-duty trucks. All mechanical systems are covered in the curriculum. Electrical, electronic, and hydraulic systems maintenance, diagnosis, and repair are emphasized. A combination of classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory practical experience is used at a one-to-one ratio. Students must possess their own set of hand tools for use in the laboratory and for the summer internship program. A tool list is available from the Office of Admissions or the DPT department. 

The curriculum uses the NATEF (National Technicianís Education Foundation) and AED (Associated Equipment Distributors) diesel task mastery specifications to assess successful learning outcomes.

Students with an Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Power Technology should be able to:
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the principles of critical thinking in the diagnostic process 
  • Understand, maintain, and repair advanced electronic systems on trucks, agricultural, and earth-moving equipment
  • Perform successfully as an entry to B-level heavy-duty service technician
Coursework in English and technical communication, computer software skills, technical math, physics, small business management, and general education are also included. The program is delivered in a well-equipped, 10,000 square foot industrial space within walking distance of the Randolph Center campus. A shuttle bus is used to transport students between the main campus and the Diesel facility.

The normal number of credits required for degree is 63.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
DSL 1010  Steering, Suspension & Alignment 4 CIS 1080  Intro to Spreadsheet/Database Mgmnt 2
DSL 1050  Preventive Maintenance 3 DSL 1020  Diesel Power Systems 4
ENG 10XX  English 3 DSL 1040  Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems 4
MAT 1100  Introduction to Tech Math
3 DSL 1110  Heavy Duty Braking Systems 3
  13 PHY 1030  General Physics 4
    Summer Semester  
    DSL 2801  Summer Internship 0

Second Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BUS 2210  Small Business Management 3 DSL 2020  Chassis Electrical/Electronic Systems 4
DSL 2010  Fuel Systems 4 DSL 2040  Power Transmission 3
DSL 2030  Hydraulics 3 DSL 2060  Fabrication 3
DSL 2802  Internship Review 1 ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3
ENG 2080  Technical Communication 3 ELE XXXX  Elective 3
ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3  
  17   16