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Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering

Graduates of this program develop programming expertise and experience significant technical depth in multiple areas. Typical jobs for graduates might include test engineer, release engineer, or customer support engineer. Students may continue on to a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, which adds an understanding of software development and significantly more technical depth.

    Students with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering should be able to meet all the outcomes of the associate degree program as well as:
  • Understand the behaviors and implementation of computer networking and be able to develop systems that utilize computer networking
  • Understand the requirements for developing and deploying high-quality, large-scale software systems
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a user interface for a computer system
  • Understand the concepts and practice of relational databases
  • Understand the security issues surrounding information technology and the appropriate tools and techniques to safeguard that security 
  • Understand the workings of modern operating systems, both in theory and in practice, and be able to work with an operating system using administrative tools 
  • Develop significant technical depth in additional areas approved by the department chair 
  • Understand the professional, historical, and social context of information technology and be able to make reasoned judgments about the social and ethical implications of their actions 
In addition, all graduates must actively participate in the design, development, and evaluation of a sizable software system and present the results of those efforts. 

The student, in conjunction with the department chair, may develop a sequence of courses to best meet his or her background and needs that still satisfies the degree requirements. A typical curriculum taken by students is shown below. 

The minimum number of credits required for the degree is 122.

First Year

Fall Semester Credits
Spring Semester  Credits 
CIS 1120  Intro to Information Tech3
CIS 1152  Advanced Website Design 3
CIS 1151  Website Design 3
CIS 2151 Networks I  4
ENG 10XX  English 3
ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3
Select one:

Select one:
CIS 2261 Intro Java Programming I  4
MAT 1520  Calculus for Engineering 4
CIS 2271  Java Programming 4
MAT 1220  Discrete Structures  3
Select one: 

If required: 
MAT 1221  Finite Mathematics 3
CIS 2262  Intro Java Programming II  2
MAT 1420  Technical Mathematics 5



Second Year

Fall Semester Credits 
Spring Semester Credits
CIS 2230  System Administration 4
CIS 2010  Computer Organization  4
CIS 2260  Object-Oriented Programming  3
CIS 2730  Software Eng Projects  3
CIS 2320  Software QA/Testing  3
ENG 2080  Technical Communication 3
ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective 3
MAT 2021  Statistics  3
Select one:

SCI XXXX  Science Elective 4
BUS 2020  Principles of Management  3

MAT 1520  Calculus for Engineering  4

PHI 1030  Introduction to Logic  3



Third Year

Fall Semester Credits 
Spring Semester Credits 
CIS 3030  Programming Languages  3
CIS 3XXX  Upper level program elective 3
CIS 3050  Algorithms / Data Structures 3
CIS 3010  Database Systems  4
SCI XXXX Science elective 4
ELE 3XXX  Upper level AH/SS elective 3
Select one:

Select one:
BUS 4310 - Information Architecture 3
BUS 2230  Principles of Marketing  3
XXX 3/4XXX  Upper level program   elective 3
BUS 2440  Business Law  3
MAT 2532  Calculus II  4
Select one:
Select one:

CIS 3312  Systems Development Eng I  3
CIS 3311  Systems Development Eng I  3
CIS 4120  Systems Analysis  3
CIS 4150  Software Engineering  3



Fourth Year

Fall Semester Credits 
Spring Semester Credits 
CIS 4020  Operating Systems  4
BUS 4530  Technical Project Management  3
CIS 4721  Senior Projects I  2
CIS 4722  Senior Project II  3
HUM 2060  Cyberethics 3
ELE XXXX  AH/SS elective  3
Select one: 

Select two:
CIS 4030  GUI Programming  3
XXX 3/4XXX  Upper level program elective 3-4
CIS 4140  Human Computer Interface 3

CIS 4210  Computer Graphics  3

Select one: 

XXX 3/4XXX  Upper level program elective  3-4

MAT 3720  Topics in Discrete Math  3