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Review of Awards

The Director of Financial Aid reserves the privilege of reviewing and revising awards. Therefore, the applicant should notify the Office of Financial Aid immediately if there is a change in either the studentís or the familyís financial situation. This includes the receipt of non-college scholarships. Financial aid awards may be adjusted upon receipt of such items as family contributions, grants, outside scholarships, and loans. In order to be eligible for financial aid, such resources may not exceed the total costs of attending VTC.

If a student receives an outside scholarship that the college does not know about at the time an award letter is prepared, he or she will be issued a revised award reflecting an adjustment to avoid an over-award situation. Any initial adjustment will be reflected in unmet need, then the self-help (loan and work) before the gift aid portion of the financial aid package is adjusted.

Most financial aid awards are based originally upon the assumption that a student will enroll as a full-time student (12 or more credits per term), unless s/he has notified us to the contrary. If a student changes his or her status from full- to part-time enrollment, an aid adjustment may result.